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Russian and Ukrainian ladies videos

The Ukrainian Festival of Montreal - September 9, 2017

The Ukrainian community in Canada is very important as it represents about 4% of the Canadian population with 1.4 million Canadians of Ukrainian origin. It is sometimes referred to as the Ukrainian Diaspora because Canadian politics is still close to Ukraine. In other words, Ukrainians are not only present in Canada, they have their say. As proof, the visit of the Mayor of Montreal, Denis Coderre, a few minutes before the Ukrainian Fashion Show. The Ukrainian festival is a free annual event for lovers of Ukrainian culture. We went with the family and were very surprised to meet ... couples we created without knowing it!

Visit of the Mayor of Montreal to the Ukrainian Festival of Montreal

When you are a mayor in the pre-election period, it is important not to forget the ethnic communities that inhabit the greater metropolitan area of ​​Montreal. Indeed, the Ukrainian diaspora is powerful and influential in Canada. Ukrainian immigration to Canada began in 1892 with Iwan Pylypow and Wasyl Eleniak who created the Edna Star settlement. Ukrainians from the west and from the Lviv or Lviv region, which have a rural and agricultural tradition, have begun to immigrate to Western Canada and the Prairies. In western Canada, in the Winnipeg area, there are whole cities made up of Ukrainians to the point where they have created a language: Ukrainian Canadian.

In the political sphere, Ukrainian-Canadians are considered to be at the origin of Canadian socialism. Canada has always been a loyal ally of Ukraine and its people, especially during the Orange Revolution in 2004.

Fashion Show by Ukrainian designers in Canada

What a beautiful spectacle to contemplate the Ukrainian mannequins wearing the clothes of the Ukrainian designers. Vita Nikitenko, Ryabokon, Etnodim, Ulianka, brands proposed by the company: From Ukraine With Love. You will also see genuine Ukrainian costumes from the private collection of Ludmyla Datsenko.

Enjoy these beautiful Ukrainian girls parading on stage at Beaubien Park in Montreal. Website of the Ukrainian festival.

Meetings with Canadian-Ukrainian couples created by the CQMI Agency

We were very surprised to meet on the festival of the couples that we formed, without even knowing that they were in couple. It was a bit of a bitter surprise because we normally expect to be informed about developments in a relationship. They explained that they prefer discretion and that was the reason for their silence.

Orthodox wedding in southern Ukraine - Serge and Galina in Belgorod-Dnestrovsky

Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi is located on the right bank of the Dniester in the Odessa Oblast. This city lies quite south of Ukraine right next to Moldova and at the edge of the Black Sea. There is a fortress which once belonged to the Moldovan prince Stephen the Great. You will also see beautiful pictures of this castle in the next videos since the wedding was transposed on the seashores after the orthodox ceremony.

The adventures of Serge in Ukraine

You will see in this video the continuation of the adventures of Serge after his trip to Kiev in the summer 2016, or the reception of Galina at the airport in Montreal. (October 2016)

The Orthodox wedding ceremony in Ukraine

As you can see in the image, the ceremony is divided into two parts, first with the betrothal and then with the coronation.

The engagements:

The basic principle being that in the couple, each member, man or woman, taken individually are imperfect. It is the holy union that creates perfection before God. The Orthodox priest who is very well illustrated in this video with his long beard and his voice singing litanies and psalms seriously. You also hear the hearts of the Ukrainian women singing the psalms.

The coronation

The witnesses of Serge and Galina carry the crown over Galina and Serge. It is the ritual that consecrates the union of man and woman before the lord.

A bit like in the Catholic tradition, the two married drink the wine in the cup, the blood of Christ. The young couple then walks around the altar three times, symbolizing the nuptial march. Their hands are bound by a divine scarf

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Marriage of Jean and Irina in Granby, Eastern township - June 10th, 2017 - CQMI

The CQMI, Antoine and Boryslava had the privilege and honor to participate in the wedding of Jean and Irina on June 10, 2017 in the city of Granby which is not only famous for its Zoo. Remember this video of Jean in the summer of 2016 in which Jean explained to us the importance of properly preparing his trip with the Skype software. You saw the images of Jean and Irina in Kiev at Victory Park and a year later they married in Quebec at the Granby Courthouse.

Many Weddings CQMI this summer 2017

The Quebec International Wedding Center measures its success through its unions made up of Ukrainian women and French, Belgian or Canadian men. Marriage is an important moment in the process of creating the couple. It is a happy event that formalizes the relationship with family and friends.

Since the beginning of May 2017, we are happy to have celebrated 6 weddings between men from Quebec and Ukrainian women.

Thanks to Jean and Irina for inviting us!

Jean and Irina had the great kindness to invite us and allow us to film this important moment of their life, with their family and close friends. We are very grateful to them because very few of our couples have agreed to make this moment public on video.

By looking at these images, you can convince yourself of the simplicity of this union in a convivial atmosphere, in a relay hotel in Bromont in the Eastern Townships.

A story in 3 videos:

The first time we met Irina, it was in Kiev close to the hotel Bratislava

Jean's trip to Kiev in the summer of 2016:

In preparation for this summer's romantic trip to Kiev

We will have this summer again a little more than 10 people to make the trip in July and August. With an increasingly efficient meeting system, we will have many weddings to celebrate next year in France, Quebec or Belgium.

Russians and Ukrainians people are kind and caring

Alexandra is of Russian mother and Ukrainian father. She is 30 years old, lives in the city of Kharkov and she takes care especially of her child Gleb who is 1 year and a half. She works in the field of the sale of souvenirs from Italy. She found the agency dating CQMI after having had disappointments on a dating site not so serious. Indeed, the proposals she received were of a sexual nature. The discussion became particularly interesting when we discussed the differences of mentality between the Russians and the Ukrainians. Of Russian mother, Alexandra had many interesting things to explain about the culture and the Russian people ...

Trust in the couple: ingredient for the romantic relationship

For Alexandra, a fulfilling relationship begins with friendship that turns into love. On several occasions, she stresses the importance of mutual trust in the couple.

Dating site: men looking for sex rather than serious relationship

After having tried her luck at a popular meeting site, she quickly disengaged by noting that men were looking for sex partners rather than serious relationships.

A foreign man rather than a Ukrainian man

Without wanting to generalize, Alexandra gives her preference to foreign men because she finds that men in Ukraine are big egoists.

Alexandra has a Russian mother

As is the case for many Ukrainians living in Ukraine, their origins are Russian. Alexandra's mother is Russian, she came to Ukraine with her Russian parents when she was little.

Alexandra does not think there are any differences between Russia and Ukraine. In addition, eastern Ukraine is exactly the same as Russia. On the other hand, western Ukraine is more like Europe. And this explains why Ukraine is in conflict. In general, the Russian and Ukrainian people are very kind and caring people, Alexandra explains. This is a different story from the media!

Moreover, the Ukrainian and Russian peoples have the same orthodox religious base.

Alexandra visits Russia once a year. She has already been to Moscow, St. Petersburg and Ivanovo.

Ivanovo is the city of Russian girls to marry!

Ivanovo is a city in the north-east of Moscow, made up of 80% Russian women, due to its industrial legacy in the manufacture of clothing and clothes-laundry machines. It is the city of Russian brides. We show you beautiful images of the parade of the Russian brides of Ivanovo, in white wedding dresses.

Interview in English

Ruslana comments on her Dates in Kiev with CQMI clients

Ruslana is a Ukrainian girl reserved and shy but of great beauty. She talks about her work and the man she would like to meet. The end of the discussion concerns the preliminary discussion by Skype. In her case, she prefers that the discussion does not go beyond a meeting by Skype because she does not feel comfortable enough in English to be able to support a complex conversation. Even though Skype Translator can solve some language barriers, she prefers the tactile communication of the encounter in Kiev.

Profile of Ruslana, 29 years old from Kiev city in Ukraine

At 29, Ruslana is rather a calm, kind and joyful girl who is rather flexible in character, that is to say, able to compromise in a couple relationship. Ruslana has a consistent life experience and she always tries to look forward to believing in a radiant future. She enrolled in the dating agency CQMI to meet a serious man who knows what the family means and who knows what he wants in his life. Ideally, he will be able to provide for the needs of his family and the children of the relationship.

Difference of mentality between a Ukrainian girl and a foreign man

Ruslana believes that differences are primarily dependent on people and not on cultural differences. For example, she likes to compare her own childhood with that of the man she meets. She tries to find out what things are interesting for both people and see what can unite them in a couple project. Traditions per se are not an obstacle even if they are different.

If you meet a man who already has children?

Sometimes Ruslana says that it would not be a problem even if she would ideally prefer to found a family in which the man and the woman would have their first children.

Skype communication with a man (before the trip to Ukraine)

Ruslana explains that she has time to write and communicate even though she is currently experiencing an intense period in her work. If she feels that she is very interested in the man she meets she will be ready to put all other business aside. Indeed, the family passes first for Ruslana. In a specific case with a CQMI client, Ruslana admits to having little communication with him, with a single Skype meeting before the actual meeting.

After a little hesitation Ruslana explains that the English level of the man with whom she communicated was much more advanced than hers, which made understanding difficult for her. Therefore the role of the assistant CQMI becomes so important.

The question is whether to make several encounters by Skype to decide whether the meeting in real will be promising or not. Indeed, some CQMI members are not very motivated by the prospect of making long periods of communication at a distance before the meeting in Kiev, especially when their level in English does not allow it.

Moreover, the encounter in real allows to feel the person at the tactile level and to look in the eyes.

In Russian with English subtitle (YouTube)

Differences in Mentality between a Russian Woman and an Ukrainian Woman

Elena is a beautiful Russian woman of German mother and Russian father, a mixture that can be explosive. This video perfectly illustrates the characteristic differences between Russian women who are more direct and ambitious than Ukrainian women who are more discreet and less direct. You will understand without any difficulty the differences of behavior between Elena and the other adherents of our site like Tatiana who fled the war to the east of Ukraine. The region of Donetsk in the East is a region in which Ukrainians and Russians live together.

Profile of Elena 39-year-old a beautiful Russian German girl

At 39 years, old this beautiful Russian woman without children seeks her soul mate. That's why Elena enrolled in our marriage agency. Her history is quite particular. From a Russian father, from a German mother, she left the Moscow region to come to Ukraine at the age of 5 years. She found herself in Donetsk, the region that is at war, remember the superb video of Tatiana.

Difference in self-confidence and assertiveness between Russian and other Slavic girls

The Russian woman with German origins like Elena, is very asserted, quite explosive. When she talks about her future potential husband, she does not go dead hand. One feels that her discourse does not suffer the possible contestation. It would be interesting to discuss about possible compromise with this charming lady.

If you compare with the speech of Tatiana who comes from Donetsk, you remember her sweetness and her kindness. Tatiana who fled the war in eastern Ukraine.

In the eastern region of Ukraine, you will find a population that is composed for a large half of Russian from Russia. They are Russian and work in Ukraine. This is the case of the deceased father of Elena who went to work in Donetsk. In this region, you will find Russian women and Ukrainian women living together.

Russian women are more impulsive than Ukrainian women

Russia is a strong, powerful country. It is a country that radiates over all the nations that surround it, even over China. The Russian inhabitants thus have a more arrogant attitude than the residents of neighboring countries. Lithuanian, Kazakh, Ukrainian women are more erased. One could say, more discreet.

Europe is closer than Canada to Elena

In her interview, Elena also emphasizes a theme we have already discussed. For a Ukrainian woman, it is a more serious step to go to Canada than to live in France or Europe.

Canada and Russia are two countries that are similar

Surprisingly and it is possible that some of you are shocked, Elena finally explains that Canada and Russia are two countries with similarities, such as climate, immense nature and mentality. It is also like Russia a country in which there is a mixture of cultures and nationalities.

Interview in English

Russian Woman In Montreal

Victoria is a beautiful young Russian woman who speaks French and English and lives in Montreal, Canada. Born in Ukraine in the city of Lvov, west of Kiev, her father working in the military force must return to Moscow in Russia after her birth. It is in the Russian capital that Victoria will spend most of her life before deciding one day to come to live in Montreal, Canada, with a 2-year stopover in Calgary in western Canada.

Victoria’s profile, in Montreal

Victoria immigrated to Canada under the Skilled Worker Program

Specialist in Financial Audit, and after falling in love with the beautiful city of Montreal, this beautiful Russian Girl decided to try her luck in Canada. She spent two and a half years in Calgary before finally making the decision to live her dream to move to Montreal. With a degree in finance from a prestigious university in Moscow, Victoria will have had no difficulty in obtaining a diploma equivalence in Canada for the recognition of her studies. This is a question we are often asked. The process of recognition of diplomas is done during immigration’s process. Holding a diploma from the top three Russian universities in finance, this will not have been difficult for this beautiful young Russian bride.

Victoria’s registration in our marriage agency in Montreal

Is it difficult for a young and beautiful Russian woman in Montreal to find a man when one is single looking for a serious relationship? In her case, she explains her celibacy through work. I have always invested my time in my professional career to the detriment of my personal life, "she explains. New in Montreal, it's hard to meet a man when you do not have a circle of friends.

Differences between Russian men and Canadian men?

To choose between the two, Victoria from Russia, prefers Canadian men who are more responsible and know how to take care of their children. They pay more attention to their health than Russian men (we think of vodka and cigarette).

Differences between Canadian and Russian women?

Yes of course she noticed any differences. Canadian women are more of the American type; they are independent women. We women of Slavic tradition, Russian or Ukrainian, we are of the old school. We still appreciate the traditional values ​​of the family. The Family is in first position for Russian women. While women here in Quebec are concentrating on their professional careers. It's always interesting to go to a new country because you can see big differences in mentalities, says Victoria.

English Interview

Mature Asian woman looking for a man abroad

Elena is a beautiful Asian woman of 49 years old who seeks a serious man abroad. The economic situation in her country as well as Ukrainian culture, no longer meet her expectations. Elena has a mother who is half Japanese and Chinese origin while her father is half Russian and French. For her, learning French is a childhood dream because it is the language of love! Elena is an Oriental woman who lives in Ukraine, practice sports, jogging and yoga. Yoga helps to keep the physical form as well as the rest of the soul and the spirit. One senses very clearly its Oriental influences when she speaks of her favorite sport. Her 21-year-old son is an adult, independent, and she has taken good care of her education. What struck me most about this Asian Ukrainian woman was her realism and pragmatism. She speaks quite directly.

Profile of this beautiful Asian lady in Ukraine

An Oriental lady who practice sports regularly

At 48 years, Elena practice sports twice a week all year except in the winter. This is important for her beautiful legs and body as much as her mind and soul.

Free of commitments towards her son, ready to go abroad

Elena has a 21-year-old son who lives in Poltava and is totally independent. After spending many years for his education, she feels free of any commitment. It is time for her to meet her soul mate abroad.

Immigrating to a foreign country does not frighten her

If I meet a man I love and who loves me and respects me and supports me, then the process of immigration will not be so complex.

French language is the language of love

Learning this beautiful language is a dream for this Japanese woman teacher of foreign languages ​​in Poltava. Elena teaches English language for young children and for adults.

There are cultural differences between Ukrainian men and foreign men

For Elena, it's obvious. Indeed, culture, soil, education and economic situations are different. Thus, the mentalities are different.

In conclusion, it is not difficult for her to meet a Ukrainian man in Poltava. What is difficult is to meet a good man who lives abroad for this mature Oriental woman.

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Interview in english
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