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Interview in English avec sous-titres français

The big departure approach, you are feverish. You have received your schedule of meetings in Ukraine and you still have some concerns regarding the organization of your trip. Following the video with seduction tips, this video discusses about logistics before the trip. For example, you question the use of a translator assistant for your meetings, what kind of gift to offer to your beautiful Ukrainian girl, and all the small details that can sometimes be critical to the success of your romantic project in order to start a family with a Slavic woman. Remember that mentalities are different.

Lyudmila's Profile : a sportive and beautiful Ukrainian woman of 50 years old

Gifts for your Ukrainian bride

Gifts for girls: Never offer any alcohol, cigarettes or other drugs. Give small gifts from Canada but please not a keychain $ 2. A minimum of respect. sometimes some girls come to meetings with big gifts (Ukrainian crafts, hand-sewn pillow, Ukraine painting, etc.). If you arrive with a keychain you look weird. The flowers will also be required for each date.

The Translators assistants for your meetings

There are any questions on the subject. You will meet your assistant on the evening of arrival in Kiev. We'll go to a Vareniki coffee on the Maiden square on Friday night to introduce her to you. The first thing to do is to install your SIM card into your phone so you can call us and we can call you.

You can choose to be accompanied by your assistant or not. If you prefer to go alone to a meeting you can say so. By cons I guarantee you that this is not just a translation issue. mentality differences are so important that there is a good chance that you tell something she will not understand and she will not like at all and you will not see her again. So if your assistant is there with you, she will tell you when you say things inappropriate.

Watch again the interview with Nadia our French-Russian assistant in Kiev

Article that explains the role of assistant

Examples of failures during the meetings:

  • latest example: I say that I consumed marihuana when I was young. NEVER you can not say something like that!
  • Another example: I bought my car on credit. Only people convicted or in total misery use the credit in Ukraine
  • Another example: I do not read books. in Ukraine 0.01% of the population does not read. Not reading is a sign of lack of culture and intelligence.
  • Another example: you go to the restaurant in the evening with her and you let her go alone without escort. You will not see again.

Ukrainian romantic evening on Saturday, July 30th

For this evening we will be almost full house in a traditional Ukrainian restaurant. You should tell us who you want to invite. We will communicate the address and time to your assistant. The only expense anticipated for this evening will be the taxi to and alcoholic beverages. The price of a bottle of wine is around $ 30 CAD. The rest is covered by the CQMI. If you want to take photographs, we will have a photographer. Also I want to use this evening to take some testimony of the videos assistants and those of you who agree to testify about the Matchmaking CQMI service.

How much money to bring with you in Ukraine

It is best to have US dollars with you. This is the best solution. The costs of VISA card are important because of the exchange rates but you can use your VISA card anywhere. I usually plan US $ 500 per week, which is enough.

Ukrainian women outside of Kiev

If a woman spends the night on the train to come to you, you must pay his train ticket. You pay it directly via your assistant. The amount is shown on your dating plan.

Clothing for meetings

Many questions on the subject. Do we really need long sleeves, is it really necessary to dress well? YES YES YES !!!

Why ? Women you will meet will spend two hours in front of the mirror to get ready for you. In Ukraine physical appearance is important. If you arrive in Jeans it is disrespectful. You must show your respect by dressing smartly, soberly and efficiently. If you neglect this aspect, you will lose opportunities.

Is it acceptable to meet with several women at the same time in Kiev?

YES it is acceptable. We must stop feeling guilty. You've made a big investment and you want to have the best chance. Be 100% with your lady when you're with her and NEVER mention other women in her presence. Be 100% present with those you meet. Finish the date by scheduling the next meeting. But NEVER talk of another woman or another meeting or you will lose your chance.


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