Hungarian Women

In Hungary, all refer to benevolent love, according to the law it is permitted to have intimate sexual relations with a mandatory mutual agreement at a very young age.

When people talk about Hungarian women in front of us...often we get an image of the Hungarian woman in national costumes...

Hungarians are a special people, their whole life revolves around the family. The Hungarian mentality, as well as policy and legislation, aim to ensure that people get married as soon as possible. As a result, Hungarian women marry before the age of 25, even though the trend is changing with globalization. In Hungary, all refer to benevolent love, according to the law it is permitted to have intimate sexual relations with a mandatory mutual agreement at a very young age. Hungary is a southern country and children mature very early. By the age of 20, nearly 90 out of 100 women are officially married.

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Hungarians have a special relationship with family and children, so Hungarian women are very sensual, responsible, loving and sincere. Hungarian women prefer to spend Sunday lunch with the whole family, with the children in restaurants, it is their national tradition. At the same time, the age of the children is not important, even the smallest ones are taken to the restaurant. In the Hungarian family, everything revolves around the child and his or her interests. The real holidays are those that can be visited by the whole family.

Patriarchal families in Hungary

Hungarian families are patriarchal, this is reinforced by modern law. Wife takes not only a new name, but also her husband's name, thus emphasizing that the wife becomes an integral part of her husband. And the Hungarian woman tries in many ways to follow this tradition. Hungarian women still maintain that her husband is the smartest, bravest, most caring, kindest and hard-working. But in the house it is the woman who is the main one and who creates comfort. The Hungarian woman regulates the internal life of the family and the household, she is responsible for raising children.

Hungarian Cuisine

Hungarian housewives cook traditional Hungarian dishes, and the most characteristic of them is goulash. Goulash is a thick soup seasoned with red pepper and onions, beef pieces and potato cubes. To "soften" the taste in heavy meals, in particular, and in goulash, add sour cream; this dish is called paprikas. Chicken paprikas are eaten with a garnish of small balls. Some Hungarian hostesses like to cook "paprikash fish soup" - a rich dish made from several types of boiled fish, tomatoes and green and red peppers, a thick cabbage leaf soup with a variety of toppings, a variety of salty or sweet pasta products, and other delicacies. Hungarian cuisine is very diversified and women are happy to pamper their loved ones with pleasure.

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Hungary is certainly a beautiful country with a mild climate, from which we separate with great difficulty, and only with the anticipation of returning for a next visit.

Hungarian Mentality

Despite the various controversies over the nature of the Hungarian character, supposedly a rather complicated people, with whom it would be difficult to find a common language, the local populations are of a joyful and cheerful nature. Many tourists who visit Hungary for the first time are surprised by the vitality and positive attitude of the Hungarian population, which surprisingly combines great spirituality and respect for the age-old traditions of their ancestors.

Most of the population, including people who work in agriculture, aim to educate themselves and be in constant spiritual development, which has an impact on their whole lives. It is almost impossible to meet a Hungarian woman or man without an education, with whom it will be impossible to converse: you will be able to develop a subject at your leisure, from the latest political news to the classics of Hungarian literature.

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The Capital Budapest

The most famous city in Hungary is, of course, Budapest. All those who have arrived in the country as simple travellers and emigrants are trying to get here. Among other things, Budapest is called the city of music and dance, throughout the year there are an incredible number of festivals and national holidays, the most famous of which is the Revolution Day. The celebration begins on March 15 and lasts several days, during which the city plunges into an atmosphere of euphoria and joy.

Enjoying time is a distinctive feature of the entire indigenous population of Hungary and Budapest in particular. Citizens like to spend their free time in dancing schools, unable to show indifference to this art. Although this is a rarity for the rural population, as they have much less free time to dance, it is not uncommon for a simple traveller to accidentally miss a Hungarian dance folk festival.

A little about nature and ways of greeting Hungarians

The residents of Hungary are very friendly people, it is common to greet everyone absolutely everyone, even if you do it with an illustrious stranger on public transport. If you meet the eyes of a Hungarian passer-by, a friendly greeting will certainly come out of their mouths. Tourists and emigrants should get used to the fact that you have to greet the locals everywhere: at the entrance of the store, when visiting a local café or bank.

Greetings from the men: it is a strong, warm and unique handshake, a hug is only possible with close and well known people, which is often accompanied by a kiss on the cheek. Moreover, shaking hands is a habit not only among men, but also among women who shake hands but in a much softer and more durable way. Women in Hungary often shake hands with men, thus expressing their respect, although it is more appropriate for Hungarians to be introduced to each other by a good mutual friend; independent meetings, according to the rules of etiquette, are only allowed in emergencies, although they are possible in certain cases, places and circumstances. During the presentation, it is usual to name your last name first and only after the first name.

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On this subject, a flying kiss is often used as a greeting, which seems rather tender and feminine from the outside, and therefore only young Hungarian girls who know each other well use it.

Familiarity and name in Hungary are used only if suggested by the interlocutor himself, in other cases it is usual to start a conversation with the name or title of the person with whom the discussion is initiated.

Hungarians, for the most part, are relatively calm and balanced people, and therefore prefer calm conversations. Moreover, it is because some local residents cannot stand mood swings and outbursts in conversation that they will simply openly ignore many foreigners, including Russians, knowing their bright and colourful character. Indeed, this may be the only thing that can explain Hungary's slight disregard for Russian migrants, who sometimes complain about representatives of the Russian diaspora in Hungary.

Acceptable topics of conversation with a beautiful Hungarian stranger

Cooking in general, Hungarian cuisine, family and children are always an acceptable subject of conversation with a new acquaintance (unlike some countries and peoples, the local population is quite open and accepts conversations on a personal subject). But it is preferable not to ask questions about the health, work and marital status of Hungarians, just as it is strictly discouraged to compare them with other Slavs. To gain trust just show pictures of your children and the Hungarians will immediately show you theirs as an answer.

The main disadvantage of the Hungarian nature is the unreliability and slowness

This does not apply to all local residents, but certainly to their majority. Often in this context, there are problems with companies, which many Russian emigrants are used to building, if not on an exchange of handshakes, often on mutual trust. With the Hungarians, as many businessmen familiar with the local mentality have advised, any work should only be carried out by written agreements with precisely agreed dates, figures and volumes. By the way, for Hungarians, Russians are perceived above all as a bag of money, unable to properly assess the situation, unable to set a price and negotiate in the right place.

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Slow business, which many call "Hungarian slowlyness", is another characteristic of most Hungarians. It is both business owners and ordinary workers who have to live with this slowness: slowness manifests itself in everything - when talking in restaurants, cafés, shops and other places.

Russian or foreign workaholics who for one reason or another were in Hungary for work or meeting people, have great difficulty getting used to a clear Hungarian principle: work affairs - during working hours, personal time - for the family. This cannot be called a defect as such, but this attitude is often irritating, especially in the context where it is impossible to solve all the problems in working hours with a Hungarian who does not know the notions of punctuality, compulsion and speed.

In addition, the people of Hungary are very sensitive to the places where they live, and they demand the same careful treatment from all visitors. If you act according to this rule, then their affability will not know the limits, otherwise you may encounter open hostility.

A few words about the Hungarian language

The majority of the Hungarian population speaks only one language - Hungarian. Those who have tried to master it know first-hand how difficult it is to learn this language, although it has some aspects in common with other languages. However, the possession of Slavic, English and German will not at all facilitate clarification in communication with the inhabitants - the Hungarian dialect is quite complex, difficult to perceive by ear and requires years of laborious study.

It should be noted that sometimes the language barrier hinders the lives of migrants in this country. Indeed, without a good knowledge of the official language, it is difficult not only to get a job, but also to do the shopping and solve various daily problems. English and German are only known in holiday areas, largely because they are taught at school as foreign languages. But if you speak to a Hungarian other than in the Slavic language of Hungarians it is not only a lack of respect, but also an insult, as a personal attack.

In Budapest: what can you learn from Hungarian women? A Russian woman's look at Hungarian women.

Of course, when you arrive in Hungary, it is sometimes difficult to notice a great difference in mentality, habits, or lifestyles. The window on Europe has long been cut off, and the distance between Russia and Hungary on a global scale is absolutely insignificant. But it is even more interesting to notice differences in completely different aspects of life and to highlight them.

To hell with stereotypes!

Perhaps the most important thing I have learned with Hungarians is not to think with Stereotypes, not to always take as an example, family, friends, and not to get stuck in the obsolete framework of "public opinion", which sometimes gets stuck in a vice. Now, I find it funny when a young Russian girl called herself an old girl at 25 years old and are afraid to give birth when they are over 40 years old. Hungarian girls do not rush to get married, and often start thinking about a family around the age of 30. And before that, they live and enjoy their youth, and don't rush to find a husband! With children, it's the same situation. Sometimes, on the children's playground, you don't immediately understand who is walking with the child - a mother or a young grandmother.

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Hungarian women have taught me easy motherhood, motherhood without unnecessary problems, a motherhood, where the main thing is love for the child and the comfort of mother and baby. On the first day in the hospital, my neighbours in the room ate oranges and chocolate. Someone was even chewing chips. I do not know of any Hungarian women who, in a way, have limited themselves in terms of food during breastfeeding. And even if, perhaps it's not related, but, according to my observations, there are fewer children with allergies. The first day at the maternity ward I learned something incredible for us. Almost immediately after the birth at the hospital, the whole family shows up to the Hungarian woman and the newborn. Grandparents, with balloons, gifts, congratulations (and oranges and chocolate, discussed above). Try not to show them the long-awaited Hungarian newborn as they do in Russia! Through the glass door of the room, they look at the baby and the mother can come out towards them. Hungarians are very kind to children, so kind that perfect in the street, passing by the cradle, strangers stop to look at your child, pay compliments, and sometimes start talking about their children, their grandchildren. And you know, nothing serious happens with children who receive such attention.

Is Hungary patriarchal or matriarchal? Or is it the porn capital?

Despite the fact that Hungary, like Russia, a patriarchal country, women seem to feel more free here. I will give a limit to this rule, with an illustrative example. I am writing this article in a comfortable café, owned by a former porn actress who has become a businesswoman and a wonderful mother. Budapest is the capital of the porn industry. I will not say that many Hungarian women decide to pursue a career as porn actresses. I will say this: there are Hungarian girls who go into the porn industry and talk openly about it with their families. And the Hungarian girls who make this decision demand that their decisions be respected even by their parents. This is a manifest freedom, even if it goes against ideals, hopes, parents, foundations. And this courage - the courage to live your life as you want - I want to learn it from Hungarian women.

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The cult of food

In Hungary there is a cult of food, so it is not surprising that many Hungarian women are excellent cooks and generally good housewives. The Hungarian girls gave me lessons... no, not cooking! But how to store soup. If you separate the broth and vegetables, the soup is kept longer. Bread, which can deteriorate, when it is not possible to eat everything, you can put it in the freezer. It is thawed for several hours at room temperature, without losing its palatability and freshness. Pomegranate, grapes and watermelons can be consumed with seeds, here we do not believe that this will lead to appendicitis.

Russian women are still more elegant

Well, well, maybe, I'll add a fly to the ointment. When we live in a foreign country, we also notice gaps. For me, Hungarians could look at themselves better and dress better. There are two extremes. The first is that of Hungarian women, who do not look at themselves at all, do not paint themselves and dress casually. Often, you can see that the mistress of the house, who lives in an apartment that she has nicely decorated and prepared for a festive table, greets her guests almost in aprons, at home in worn clothes. In such cases, even the natural beauty of Hungarian women - and they are indeed very beautiful - does not save the situation! And there are Hungarian women who abuse the silicone breast, false eyelashes and licensed nails. Then comes my pride for our beautiful Russian girls who sometimes for no reason put all the priority and their efforts to beauty, and not in comfort, and who know how to walk in Louboutin shoes and who constantly work to keep in shape and look good and stay elegant, but not vulgar and provocative.

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