Why Choosing a Russian Woman?

The whole world has heard of the power of Russian women, so women of all nationalities hate them because beauty is unfair.

Russia is the largest country in the world. Its lands take up approximately one-eighth of the world. Russia is almost 1.8 times the size of the USA, 1.7 times the size of Canada, and about 70 times the size of the United Kingdom.

In Russia, many beautiful single women live, waiting for the man of their lives and dreams! Men all over the world who have married a Russian woman know that they are beautiful, charismatic, affectionate, caring, kind, and honest, but also a little shy. On top of that, they focus on family values, take care of their children, and support as well as inspire their husband when he needs it. The lack of men in Russia makes these pretty Russian girls leave their country and find love abroad elsewhere in the world.

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The Russian woman: between gentleness, inner strength and careful education

The qualities that a Russian woman seeks in a man are manifold. A typical Russian woman does not necessarily look for a handsome man or a millionaire. A Russian woman is looking for a man who has great inner beauty, is open, sincere, and caring. Russian women are true sapiophiles, which is someone who is attracted to intelligence or intelligent people. The majority of Russian women who want to marry a foreign man, strive for recognition and respect, are ambitious, and show the strength of character. They are looking for husbands, romance, love, and happiness for the rest of their lives.

They use all their opportunities to achieve a good education, to find a good job, to build a career, and further develop their talents. It is one of the countries in the world where the educational level of women is highest, even compared to European countries and other Western countries. Russian women are highly educated, have university degrees, usually in multiple areas, and sometimes graduate-level degrees.

Reading is part of Russian life and culture. In general, Russian women prefer to read a book rather than go to the movies or watch TV. If you have seen the libraries decorating most Russian houses, you have an example of this cultural level. These women also love art, theater, opera, music, museums, are curious, but also athletic or passionate about one or more hobbies. With a literacy rate of 100% according to UNICEF figures, Russia can proudly say that it is ahead of all Western countries (the current literacy rate in the USA, UK, and Canada is 99%).

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Family Values ​​and Legendary Beauty of Russian Women

Russian women show much more patience and tolerance than Western women, but a little less than Ukrainian women because in Russia, the keyword of the family is interdependence and mutual help! Russian women are close to their family members. Russian women place a great deal of emphasis on the opinions of their parents and their thoughts on several topics. With this in mind, find it no surprise if a Russian woman expresses excitement or is eager to introduce you to their parents. They want equality in terms of educating children or sharing chores. These women also want to remain in their role as women. Russian women want to be in the arms of a man who calms them and makes them feel safe. They want to be in the arms of the beloved, the companion, the confidant, and the husband. They will surely be caring and faithful wives, with traditional family values, exhibiting loyalty, but in no way submissive women!

For Slavic women, the birth of children is a serious step, and they are still very actively involved in the education of their children. In a negative sense, they are certainly less career-oriented than Western women, often with very high personal goals in mind. Once a Slavic woman has a child, her primary focus will be her new son or daughter. The ability to intensely love their husbands and their children are the qualities of a Russian woman. The family will never come second for a Russian woman.

Of course, in this vast country between the capital Moscow or the famous Venice of the North, the second historical capital of Russia, St. Petersburg, between these two cities and others must be distinguished from sometimes distant provinces, because Russia is a puzzle of nationalities and regions. You will feel a difference between these women, depending on their origin, their religious beliefs, their situation, their social background, and their personal history. As in most countries, the standard of living in the capital and other major cities is higher, for example, compared to cities like Samara. Muscovites and citizens of St. Petersburg are more financially independent and often look for men who can offer them a standard of living with what they had before they met. On the other hand, women are used to lower-standards in small towns and appreciate spiritual values ​​and inner wealth in their lives. The city of Samara in the heart of Russia is the place where Empress Catherine II is one of the most beautiful women in Russia.

A meeting with a Russian woman?

The stereotype that Russian women are seeking a foreign husband to move abroad and get a green card is not necessarily true. Russian women, especially those that live in Moscow or St. Petersburg, would prefer to stay in Russia, but their design for a family is much more important to them than there geography. The reason is due to the gender imbalance, many Russian women have to keep their foreign husband options open, or they may never marry at all! Are you wondering why these beautiful women with all the qualities stay single and are not looking for men in their country? According to censuses in Russia in 2010, there are about 10 million more women in their country than men! So, there is a real deficit of men. The latest data suggests the gender ration in Russia is 86.8 men per 100 women. The ratios in other post-Soviet countries are also low. (84.8 men per 100 women in Latvia, 86.3 men per 100 women in Ukraine, and 86.8 men per 100 women in Belarus). Many Russian women's destinies are to stay alone all their lives. Others, after a divorce and the birth of one or two children, will never find a partner because Russian men are not satisfied with such a choice and do not always want the burden of someone else's children. This sad reality also explains why Russian women are not necessarily bound to the physical aspects of the man. Like all women in the world, they will love and appreciate beautiful men. However, because of the situation, they prefer less handsome men, but men with a soul, a heart, and the ability to provide stability and quality of parenting. You will, therefore, understand that a Russian woman is already struggling to find a Russian man with all these necessary qualities, which is the primary reason for her appearance, beauty, femininity, charm, and consciousness. A Russian, who would not pay attention to these details, would, unfortunately, be condemned to remain an eternal Catherinette!

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Why are there more women than men in Russia?

According to the INSEE in Russia, Rosstat, there are 10 million fewer men than women. The ratio of men to women now stands at 1,158 women in around 1,000 men, with the deficit continuing to increase in the older age groups. This difference and this demographic anomaly are explained above all by history. First, the bloody slaughter of the First World War, the Russian Revolution with a civil war and the Second World War: only from these three conflicts, without mentioning the bloody consequences of the terrible Stalinist times, about 50 million people have died over a short period of about 30 years. Other conflicts such as the Cold War, the current Second Cold War, and other bloody conflicts led to an inclination of Russian men to sometimes dangerous behavior. Also, the recent conflict in Eastern Ukraine is contributing to these numbers.

Also for these reasons recent numbers tell us that marriages with Russian women of the same age are becoming far less common. Typically, the husband is usually four to six years older than his Russian bride. Marriages with an age difference of more than ten years are also not uncommon and are still acceptable in Russian culture. Russian women understand an older man is more likely to be ready to settle down and start a family versus a younger, less mature man. Russian culture places a lot of pressure on young Russian women to marry early and have children, so this is also a factor in the age differences between husbands and wives.

The current life expectancy in Russia is 67 years for men (compared to 79 years in France and Belgium, 81 years in Quebec) and 77 years for women. This low life expectancy for men is due to smoking, alcohol consumption, poor diet, stress/anxiety, dangerous traffic behavior (street mortality rate of 18.75 in Russia versus 5.18 in France, 6.48 in Belgium, 5.8 in Canada, and 3.24 in Switzerland) lack of attention to their health and other bad habits. These are general behaviors that do not apply to all Russian men. However, the Russian man is more adventurous, riskier, and has little desire to start a family. Today, the birth rate in Russia is 1.75 children per woman (2.1 in France, 1.74 in Belgium, 1.54 in Switzerland, and 1.59 in Quebec). You will notice that despite their minority, the desire of Russian women for motherhood remains very strong and, for example, would be remarkably consistent with the desire for the fatherhood of British men. There is a mother in every Russian woman, and that is the same for all Slav women. A Russian woman will not only be a beautiful woman but a full-fledged woman with more depth of soul and strength than the vast majority of Western women. With the CQMI agency, you can undoubtedly feel the immense delights of discovering the love of a Russian woman.


20 quotes about Russian women 

1. "The whole world has heard of the power of Russian women, so they are denied visas and women of all nationalities hate them because beauty is unfair and you have to fight against injustice." Frédéric Beigbeder

2. "I'm shocked, only two days in Moscow, and I've never seen so many beautiful women and ugly men in my life." Carl Lagerfeld

3. "In Russian women, there is a special combination of tenderness, strength, grace, passion and restraint that make them interesting and never trivial, bearing the imprint of the depth of a complex Russian soul, so hard to understand, and that gives them a special charm. '' Gianfranco Ferre

4. "Russian women are very passionate!" Carla Bruni

5. "The Russians have always been underestimated, but in the meantime, they know how to keep the secrets not only from enemies but from friends." Winston Churchill

6. "Apparently, Russia's most carefully guarded secret is that women are no thinner or weaker than men - on the contrary, but no one has talked to men." Anna-Lena Lauren

7. "I'm just fascinated by the Russians, their eternal" all that's mine is yours "makes me crazy. '' Coco Chanel

8. "I've found that all Russian women - tall and short, tall or thin, brown or blond, young or old - are sexy!" Helen Mirren

9. "Russian women are magic! And of course, they have their own unique magic." Antonio Banderas

10. "Russian women are very beautiful and they have depth ..." Keanu Reeves

11. "Russian women are losing their temperament very quickly, their beauty is justly sparkling, not only because of the ethnographic features of the genre, but also because they love disinterestedly." A Russian woman gives everything at once, if she likes - it is moment and destiny, present and future: they do not know how to save, they hide nothing in reserve and their beauty goes quickly to those who like them. '' Fyodor Dostoevsky

12. "Russian women are very friendly with cosmetics, sometimes too friendly." Natalya Vodjanova

13. "Pancakes, their meaning and their raison d'être are the secret of a woman, a secret that a man hardly knows, and since prehistoric times, the Russian has been following this secret, passing it on only through girls and granddaughters from generation to generation 'God bless us, only one man experiences this mystery, something terrible will happen that even women cannot imagine - no woman, no sister, no girl ... no woman will give you this secret no matter how nice you are No matter how much she loves you, it's impossible to buy or steal a secret, the woman will not even redeem her secret in passion or delirium - in short, it's the only secret that's been done for 1000 years, not by the beautiful half of humanity to wake up! '' Anton Chekhov

14. "She was born in Russia, where the sun slows her down, where the dawn does not dazzle you with its suddenness, and the phrase often remains incomplete because of the speaker's doubt, as it would be better rounded off ..." Virginia Woolf

15. "The Russian character is an incessant ebb and flow and a purely Russian word:" Nothing! "Expresses the fatalism of these endless fluctuations." John Galsworth

16. "A Russian woman, in the nature of her education and her life, is too easy to reconcile with the fate of Prizhivalka ..." Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin

17. "A soul, pure as a spring, is the attribute of Russian women." Fedor Glinka

18. "It is difficult for me to discuss whether Western women are more independent and self-sufficient, while Russians are gentler and gentler, the only thing I know: my girlfriend is Russian, and in my eyes, it's perfect!" Enrique Iglesias

19. "I envy Russian men: they live in a rose garden and do not understand their own bliss, and it's not just about looks, Russian women are very beautiful inside, they are sincere, emotional, friendly and very sentimental." Pierre Richard

20. "These Russians are like water that fills every container, but never retains the shape of one of them." Sigmund Freud


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Russian women cannot find a partner in their home country. According to the last census, there are about 10 million more women than men in Russia! Thus, there is a real shortage of men for marriage. Some Russian women are doomed to stay single for their whole lives. You want to know more on the subject of Russian women from Samara: 6 Reasons why you should date Samara girls.


Russian women: More than just Natasha and Babushka

Sequins, pomp and furs: everyone seems to have a clear image of the Russian woman and her taste. Where the clichés come from and what they have to do with reality. A little search for the truth.

Daria Boll-Palievskaya prepared herself. "I was out and about in Moscow today, on the lookout for women in high heels for our conversation," she says, "but I didn't see any." Boll-Palievskaya was born in Russia and studied German, she is an intercultural trainer and editor of the online newspaper "Russland.news". And she has written a clever little book. "Russian Women", it is called, "Inside and Outside View". In it, the author contrasts facts with those images of Russian women that prevail all over the world. 

And of these, the images, the clichés, flowery fantasies and inglorious prejudices are not only particularly numerous, they are also characterised by a strange duality. Russian women - they are tall Amazons with even higher cheekbones or buxom matrons with powerful calves. They wear racy miniskirts and deep necklines or floor-length woollen skirts and flowered headscarves. "They are called Natasha and are easy to have via the internet" or "have gold teeth, are called Babushka and are born as KGB officers", Boll-Palievskaya's book says.

Russia: There is probably no other woman in the world with such rigid perceptions

There is probably no other woman in the world of whom so many rigid ideas exist as of the Russian woman. At best, the sensual French woman evokes similarly impressive images - but only the Russian woman can be considered a real phenomenon. "For me, the question is above all to what extent they correspond to reality," says Boll-Palievskaya. The Russian woman, who not only takes care of herself, but really dresses up, at least there is something to it.

But the streets of St Petersburg and Moscow are no longer teeming with women who strut confidently on their 24-centimetre heels, even on ice-slicked streets, their fur belted at the waist, their acrylic nails filed into dripping red claws. "But the need to be beautiful is still deeply rooted in many Russian women," says Boll-Palievskaya. "It's just that their understanding of beauty has broadened and opened up."

After all, she says, she saw it herself, recently, on a trip to her hometown, Muscovite women hurrying down the gold-embellished metro stations in flat shoes, in loose coats, comfortable jumpers, in jeans. And yet, the fact that they attach particular importance to their appearance, even if it has changed, calmed down as it were, can still be seen in the Russian women. A self-image that stands in stark contrast to Russian culture, which paints quite different pictures of women.

Russia and women: In classical Russian literature, their appearance plays no role

In folklore, the world-famous fairy tales, for example, the spotlight is less on pretty and fragile princesses; female characters are rather "distinguished by a special wisdom and skill", writes Boll-Palievskaya. "Vasilissa the Wise", for example, appears in several stories and coined clever bon mots, "you will see that the morning is wiser than the evening" being one of them. In classical Russian literature, too, a woman's appearance plays almost no role. "Whether Dostoevsky or Tolstoy, Turgenev or Goncharov, Russian writers rarely sang of the beauty of their female characters, but much more of their 'inner richness' and spirituality."

There is a much quoted, albeit rather clumsy, explanation for the fact that Russian women moved away from these ideals in the 20th century. However, it cannot be dismissed out of hand, says the author. "Russia has often suffered from a lack of men due to a very painful history," she says. Revolution, civil wars, the First and Second World Wars, Stalin's "purges", the war in Afghanistan, the conflicts with Chechnya - again and again countless men disappeared, leaving the women behind.


Russia and women's fear of not getting a husband

"The fear of not 'getting a man' is passed on by many mothers to their daughters. This worry forms the idea of a kind of 'bride market' in which the Russian woman must assert herself." And she has to do it at first sight, not at second, with beauty and grace, not with intellect and charisma. This assumption is supported by the still flourishing business of marriage agencies, says Boll-Palievskaya, "where it is suggested to Russian women that many men in the world have nothing else to do but wait for the beautiful Russian women", who then correspond to this image, want to be particularly charming, attractive, appealing - and youthful.

The city of Moscow is also reacting to this with the "Moscow Longevity Programme". "The idea is to look after our older citizens more intensively," explains Vladimir Filippov, deputy director of the Moscow Ministry of Culture. "But also to show the younger ones that old age has a lot of positive things in store." In addition to classes and workshops in which Muscovites learn a new language, for example, or devote themselves to sports and hobbies, one way to combat the youth craze is through fashion.

Russia and the world of fashion: some things are changing

"During the fashion week in Russia, we supported eight labels that sent a total of ten models over 60 down the catwalk," says Filippov. After the event, the city together with the Russian Fashion Council, the Russian moderat, additionally initiated a two-day "Elegant Age Festival", a celebration of "elegance in old age". "We notice how especially the women in our programme pay a lot of attention to their appearance, to their dresses and make-up, that they literally hang on the lips of well-known fashion journalists or stylists."

That the interest in dresses and cosmetics is particularly high in Russia - Vladimir Filippov even wants to see Moscow as the "fifth fashion capital" after Paris, Milan, London and New York - was indeed evident at the country's fashion week. The visitor stands of the "Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia", as in many other cities mainly sponsored by the German car manufacturer, were completely occupied, everywhere the visitors complimented each other on their wardrobe, collected even more, took selfies. 

Russia, women and fashion: high heels and short skirts are becoming rare

What the designers presented there a few months ago and what is now coming into the shops really has nothing whatsoever to do with the flamboyant style for which Russian women have always been known, even infamous. "There are still these Russian women in high heels and short skirts, but they are now a minority," says Alexander Arutyunov, who is presenting his new collection under his own name at Moscow Fashion Week. "Russian women are now much more sporty, much more casual." Designer Alena Akhmadullina puts it similarly on the sidelines of her catwalk, "many Russian women now like the minimalist style," she says. "But there are still those Russian women who spend vast sums on furs and gold jewellery."

These women are unlikely to find what they are looking for at Alena Akhmadullina's shop, or at her colleague Alexander Arutyunov's. Both also offer coloured furs. Admittedly, both also offer coloured fur materials, rich fabrics, embroidery, patterns. But Arutyunov's silhouettes are contemporary, flowing loosely down the body, while Akhmadullina sets modern accents with straight-lined leather coats. The cliché of the Russian woman does not want to fit in at all with the collections of the two. She prefers to quote Russian symbols, says Alena Akhmadullina, this season for example with prints and embroideries that retell the Russian fairy tale "The Fox and the Cat". Alexander Arutyunov, meanwhile, is dedicated to the country as a space power, "for this collection I was inspired by the space travel of the Soviet Union," he says.

Russia and women's fashion: Much sportier than in the past

Of course, the designers' ideas are only one thing, what actually happens outside the shows is another. But even there, at least in Russia's capital, you look in vain for clichés. How the Muscovites walk down the boulevards in flats and jackets, how they push new interpretations of Siberian cuisine back and forth on their plates in the in restaurant "Sibir Sibir" with discreet rings on their fingers, game carpaccio with juniper, veal tongue with sweet tomatoes, pickled fish on frozen salad, looking at contemporary art in the Garage Museum in their loose culotte trousers and chunky high-tech sneakers, the thick woollen scarf draped loosely around their shoulders, the oversized clutch casually tucked under their arm - it took at least some Fashion Week visitors by surprise.

"Sportswear seems to be a big theme here, the style on the street is very youthful and uncomplicated," says Chise Taguchi, for example, who writes for the Japanese edition of Harper's Bazaar from London. "I was expecting more conservative, very feminine fashion, which I see on older Muscovites here at best." With hyper-feminine dresses, with pomp and sequins, Laura Pitcher of the US magazine "i-D" also had. "But on the catwalks and on the street, I noticed a style that really crossed boundaries," she says. "Of course, there were also a lot of glamorous gowns and quite risky mini-dresses and high heels seen," says in turn Shweta Gandhi of Indian "Vogue". "But just selectively between lots of practical down jackets and casual wool coats."

The Russian still apparently spends a lot of money on beautiful things

However, none of the fashion journalists can detect an unwillingness to participate in fashion, the grey dreariness that English women are often accused of. Even if the goods in her shopping bags may have changed - the Russian woman obviously still spends a lot of money on beautiful things. He still sells most things in Russia, says Alexander Arutyunov, the designer with the space collection; his colleague Alena Akhmadullina even speaks of 90 per cent. "Russian women like to spend a lot of money," she says.

Daria Boll-Palievskaya can only agree with this to a limited extent. "The question is not whether Russians actually spend more money than people from other countries, but what their priorities are," she believes. Russians want to make the most of the uncertain time they have left, nice clothes, great cars, good food, expensive opera tickets. "The economic crisis a few years ago, for example, left its mark on Russia," says Boll-Palievskaya, "but the restaurants and theatres in Moscow were always full. 

Russia: Money as a reserve hardly plays a role

Money for a rainy day, for insurance, for old age - that plays a subordinate role in Russia. "After all, Russians have never had the chance to trust in the future. They live in the here and now, because who knows what tomorrow will bring," says Boll-Palievskaya. After all, the country's history is marked by cataclysms and conflicts. And of renunciation. It was precisely the time of the Soviet Union as an era of total scarcity that also shaped the cliché of the Russian woman who wears excessive make-up, more badly than good, and vies for attention with rhinestone-covered T-shirts and daring over-the-knee boots.

At a time when there were virtually only three dress styles, reproduced by the millions, poorly produced, garish make-up was, after all, the only way to express individuality. "Soviet women didn't have much money for it either. And so the age-old ink was spat on again and again so that it would still give something," Boll-Palievskaya writes in her book. And the Russian complemented the barely visible results with particularly conspicuous clothing as soon as she could.

Russian society in general is very complex

That was once the case. The fact that Russian women have long since emancipated themselves from this style has nevertheless not yet arrived in many other countries. There, the Russian woman is still spoken of as if she were an exotic plant, a completely separate, completely different species. "Russian society in general is very complex. It is a huge, very complex country," says Daria Boll-Palievskaya. "So such myths also arise because Russian society, and with it Russian women, cannot be summed up."

Accordingly, for the more than 17 years that Daria Boll-Palievskaya has been working as an intercultural trainer advising, for example, English companies that want to conquer the Russian market, she has heard this one sentence over and over again: "That's not at all how I imagined it"; as a private person, people often tell her, "oh, you're from Russia, but you don't look like a Russian!" However, clichés and prejudices are not a one-way street, Daria Boll-Palievskaya has also experienced this.

"The idea of a European western woman dominating here in Russia is not very favourable," she says. "She is not supposed to pay much attention to her appearance, to say the least, and is not particularly attractive and feminine." However, word has now got around that not every western woman is slouching down the streets in Birkenstocks with a sloppy ponytail and a homespun jumper. At least in Europe.



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