Czech Women

Originally, Czechs were Slavs, but their mentality differed considerably from that of Russia. It manifests itself in external characteristics and in a way of behaviour.

Czech women: appearance and attitude to life

Originally, Czechs were Slavs, but their mentality differed considerably from that of Russia. It manifests itself in external characteristics and in a way of behaviour. These differences are particularly visible when looking at the female part of the Czech population.

Physical appearance characteristics of Czech women

Czechs have a very beautiful and attractive physical appearance, combining German lengthening and sharpness of features with Slavic beauty and softness. Their noses, as a rule, are long and with a small bump. (aquiline nose)

The natural hair colour of most Czech women is blond, but sometimes you can see brunettes that apparently have gypsy roots. At the same time, many women dye their hair, turning into pale blondes or women with dark brown hair. Czech women are characterized by a slim physique. They have rather long legs and large breasts.

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The way Czech girls dress

Women in the Czech Republic try to dress simply and practically. That's what makes them the most different from Russian women. Czech girls do not wear heels because they think it is harmful to their health and that it is impossible to wear them on cobblestones. They rarely wear skirts and dresses, let alone short ones, and they do not have a passion for furs and sequins like Russian women.

Traditional Czech dress consists of wearing jeans, sneakers, T-shirts and jackets. At the same time, they highlight their individuality and femininity with stylish accessories: scarves, watches and sober jewellery. The image is completed by a bundle of well combed hair on the head and a minimum of make-up on the face. It should be noted that while Czechs are indifferent to dress, they do have a weakness for the original fragrance. In public places, there is often an unusual pleasant aroma.

In the context of Czech women who prefer a relaxed sports style, Russian women with flashy make-up in short, bright dresses and high heels offer a very strong contrast.

Clothing in the Czech Republic is not purchased in expensive shops, but in markets or shops with affordable democratic prices. In general, in this country, it is considered shameful to show great prosperity and to boast of having bought famous brands. In other words, Czechs don't appreciate the luxury of Gucci, but the practicality of H & M and Zara, especially during sales periods.

Emancipation of Czech women

Czech women are independent and have the same rights in society as men. In addition, the strong sex in the Czech Republic is quite infantile and very often voluntarily agrees with the financial and moral domination of women in the family. We quickly notice gender equality in this country of the Czech Republic by the fact that men and women will shake hands on a date, and after a common dinner in the restaurant, everyone pays their share, man and woman separately. We are therefore light years away from the mentality of Russian women.

Czech Girls start working early and never take maternity leave. There are almost no housewives among them. Most often, they hold administrative positions, which do not require higher education. Therefore, it is very difficult to meet a Czech woman with a university degree.

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The Attitude of Czech women towards marriage and children

The sexual revolution in the Czech Republic took place much earlier than in the countries of the former USSR, and this is reflected in the behaviour of Czech girls. They are liberated in sexual terms and behave with men without affectation and hidden play. According to statistics, before the age of 30, Czech women have sex with 5 to 8 men. And this does not lead to condemnation in society.

In this country, civil marriages are common, what the Czechs call "partnership relations". Such relationships can last for a very long time: 10 or even 50 years. Marriages will only be registered in emergencies.

As a general rule, Czechs will decide to create a family when they reach the age of 30, already having a certain material base. They love children and give birth to at least two children. The approach to the education of the younger generation in the Czech Republic is thorough. As a general rule, children receive a lot of attention, while respecting the elders. Public scandals are very rare, unlike what we see with Uzbek girls. Parents talk calmly with their children, but do not allow them to be manipulated by Czech children. There are many family clubs.

The Lifestyle of Czech Women

A healthy lifestyle is very popular among Czech women. Many of them follow vegetarian dietary principles, follow diets and visit gyms on a regular basis to keep a model figure. Sport is a kind of hobby of the Czechs. On weekends, they spend them very actively: skiing, river rafting, tennis, dancing and yoga. In each district, you can find a park specially equipped for sports activities.

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Personal opinion on Czech girls

On the appearance of Czech girls, one can judge by the phenomenal quantity of beautiful Czech girls or Czech models and actresses of Czech adult films. But today, I decided to write an essay on what I think about Czechs and how they look.

  1. First of all, there are many beautiful girls in the Czech Republic. I would say that the Czech Republic has the highest number of pretty girls among European countries. Comparing Czechs with average Germans, Austrians or Norwegians is not worth it: it is heaven and earth.
  2. Most often, Czechs have light brown or light brown hair, brunettes and blondes are less common. Czech girls will have a slightly larger than average nose, but not as big as that of Austrian girls.
  3. Czech girls are big sports lovers, they are very enduring and even a little rustic. Even if you think the girl is overweight, that doesn't mean anything, she can walk safely for several kilometres without blinking, carry three bags filled to the brim with the store and a few extra children on her back. As soon as they have a minute, they run, cycle, hike, etc. they will lead an active lifestyle.
  4. Czechs are very relaxed: they can sit naked in the sauna in complete serenity, tan topless, change clothes in front of everyone. And besides, they are not generally so shy.
  5. Czech girls are often cute. Like all representatives of Slavic peoples, Czechs often look sad and do not smile at foreigners. But if you make friends with them, if you do something a little pleasant to them, then they will be happy, and you will surely smile. I would call this characteristic "the absence of a hypocritical Western smile".
  6. The Czechs are far from being lazy. Like any normal person, they are involved in the home, family, work, studies, building a career, raising children, meeting the family. By the way, most girls in the Czech Republic are working.
  7. They use cosmetics a little bit, but they have smooth skin, a healthy complexion and no wrinkles. I think that here girls and women look beautiful without make-up, because in the Czech Republic, a good environment, high quality natural products and you can feel in the air a total relaxation and kindness.
  8. They don't behave with mistrust and vulgarly, don't make up their eyes and showy hairstyles like the Russians, they're just different. There are top models who wear heels, dresses, beautifully colored, but the majority of Czech women prefer beauty and naturalness, wear comfortable sportswear or jeans and heels that often make them look ridiculous and funny. The most common clothing for Czech girls - it is jeans, a light sports jacket, hiking shoes or sports shoes and a backpack, even if the girl is dressed with a leather handbag, in her back she will always hang a backpack, and honestly, I do not understand why.
  9. Girls in the Czech Republic calculate and count their money, they cannot, like Russians or Italian women, spend all their money on a fur coat, and then pay a loan for a year. Therefore, if you meet a girl in a Czech fur coat, hung with gold ornaments and expensive clothes, then she comes from a rich family and can really afford it.
  10. Czech women like to cook, and they cook a variety of dishes, including baking cakes, making pickles, baking meat, barbecuing. In the shops, you can see that Czechs buy products for cooking, not semi-finished products, well, books with recipes in the shops are very popular.
  11. The last thing I can say about the Czechs is that they are, like most Czechs, rather racist. Thus, the average Czech will not meet representatives of other races, especially if a person has a different religion or skin colour. There is little chance, as for Russian women, that a Czech woman will marry a black African man.

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The Czech Republic and its history, customs and traditions

The Czech Republic is a very interesting country. It is located in the heart of Europe, it was under the domination of various peoples, and, probably because of its geographical location and history, the inhabitants of this country have absorbed the customs of almost all the peoples of Europe. With accuracy and pedantry in the character of Czechs, hospitality and generosity are combined. Modesty on the surface is more than compensated by generosity in communication.

Such a multi-faceted Czech character has created a completely unique image of communication between people. It combines the mores of all times and peoples. Recently, almost everywhere, it has become common practice to switch to familiar terms almost immediately, because for Czechs, familiar terms are considered to be a display of bad taste. Before moving on to such a friendly treatment, you must negotiate. And the consent to move to "you" must be mutual, and the initiative must not be shown by a man - on the other hand, it will be considered as a lack of respect for a woman.

The same with greetings. The Czechs shake hands. Independently - women or men. When a man meets a woman, the first hand should be given by a woman. It is a part of the world of etiquette - it is always the woman who must greet first, if she considers it appropriate to say hello to a man. But a man, if he has the right not to hold hands with the man who welcomes him, then he must shake the woman's outstretched hand, regardless of her relationship with him.

A Czech generally does not tend to express his feelings openly - they have absorbed this custom of the Germans who have dominated the territory of the modern Czech Republic for almost 500 years, hence their restraint and pedantry. Czechs are calm, never show their anger, irritation, sincere joy or love. Vanity is not familiar to these people, they all do their business in a measured and precise way. You will never hear Czech words with emotional colours or vulgar expressions. And even if it sometimes seems that the person is hostile, it will be a false impression, in fact, Czechs are very friendly, kind and benevolent. They are simply raised so that each of their feelings does not manifest itself externally.

Even in relation to their country, they will never say words of love. But they like their country very much, and if you come to the Czech Republic, you will learn a lot of interesting information about the history of this country from the Czechs' mouths. They love to talk about their country, and even the obvious legends about the Czech Republic are perceived by its inhabitants as real, and they will not even tolerate a hint of doubt on your part. You will be told where one or the other of the evil spirits are and how to protect yourself from them. Almost every city in the country has a legend that symbolizes life in this city at different times. Czechs love terrible legends and black humour, and it is better not to be surprised by that - any manifestation of inattention when talking to a Czech will be interpreted as a lack of respect.

If you are invited to their home, it is important to remember that it is rude to do without a bouquet of flowers for the lady of the house, and not to wonder what flowers she likes - here, as they say, attention is expensive. In the Czech Republic, there is no house without a mistress - they like to live in large families, and to invite many guests to the celebration. The holidays, according to the Czechs, should be fun, with delicious food, games and lots of music.

Such communication is accepted even between foreigners. You will never be looked at wrong, if in a restaurant you are sitting at a table with completely unknown people, greet them and start a conversation with them. On the contrary, you will be considered a very polite person. Such a feast never goes without jokes - Czechs are very fond of jokes, and they never take offence at jokes, if it's a good healthy joke. Maybe, they'll even be happy that you made fun of them a little.

Greetings in the Czech Republic are accepted in any room, limited to four walls - in a restaurant, shop, hospital, institution, even in an elevator. And if you think it is not necessary to greet each other because you have greeted each other: "Already greeted", then it will be a manifestation of rudeness. If you meet a person several times a day, you will have to say hello the same number of times.

You may think that you are very lucky if you arrive in this country while local traditional festivals are taking place. Various celebrations are taking place here on a large scale. During any holiday, Czechs like to go to all kinds of concerts, because they are not indifferent to music. There are many traditional festivals in the Czech Republic, but the most important is Christmas. Czechs are very devout people, and it is believed that this holiday should be prepared materially and spiritually. Christmas is preceded by a three-week fast, during which the number of festivities is reduced, and people are busy decorating the house and city or village for the upcoming celebration.


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The streets are decorated with garlands, elliptical Christmas trees are installed everywhere, kiosks are installed for the holding of Christmas fairs. At these fairs, you can hear all the news of the city, buy lots of souvenirs and decorations for a Christmas tree, a house or a table, treat yourself to a glass of punch, or the famous Czech beer. Besides, everyone drinks beer in the Czech Republic!

Christmas is considered a family holiday, and the Christmas dinner is prepared by the whole family. Czechs are very conservative and on the Christmas table there must be Christmas cookies, prepared by the whole family on Christmas Eve. A traditional Czech Christmas dish is carp cooked, bought and cooked on Christmas Eve. Carp are sold alive, keeping them in barrels, and it is good practice to release one carp into the river, and the other to prepare it for the table. Therefore, sometimes Christmas Eve in the Czech Republic is usually called the day of generosity. It is believed that on Christmas Day, no one should be alone, therefore Czechs who live alone are always invited to visit, to eat a traditional nine-course dinner, and no one will be abandoned on this holiday.

And if Christmas is a family celebration, the New Year, after Christmas is celebrated in the streets, where you can enjoy entertainment, concerts, shows and fireworks. And, moreover, even when going outside, even during the holidays, Czechs are not used to wearing the most beautiful clothes and a lot of jewellery. Showing your wealth is considered bad manners, in addition to talking about yourself.

In addition, it is bad to talk about your children's academic success. Often, the neighbours on the desk don't even know how their children study. And if the child is not doing well with his studies, the teacher does not have the right to talk about it at the general meeting of parents, and if he deems it necessary to talk, it is necessary for him to come directly to the house of the problem child, or to call the parents at school to talk to them personally. The secret of privacy in the Czech Republic is sacred.

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Such false modesty is explained by the conservatism of the Czechs. Even young people, more engaged in a very active lifestyle, consider tradition as sacred, even in the capital Prague. Until now, in the Czech Republic it is normal to ask your parents for your fiancée's hand, bringing a bouquet of flowers for the bride's mother - who is in fact considered the mistress of the house, to whom you will not fail to give flowers. And even when guests celebrate wedding celebrations, the true wealth of the family is not shown and the table for these celebrations remains very modest, and most of the time is reserved for traditional wedding games. Guests in the Czech Republic are not invited to brag, but to entertain them.

Even on their own birthdays, which adults often celebrate in restaurants, the birthday person should not feed their guests - there is only a purely symbolic order to raise the first toast, the rest of the guests must then pay for their own drinks themselves. We can do anything, as long as we don't show you as a pigeon or a boaster.

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