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Boryslava and Antoine created this Agency to unite people to make the world a happier and more harmonious place.

Our dating agency mission

The mission of the CQMI, as a leader in counselling and research in the field of dating Ukrainian brides, is to facilitate the creation of stable couples and serious relationships and the best mutual understanding between the partners.

We exist since 2015 and are one of the largest marriage agencies in Ukraine. Thanks to our services for the last 5 years 107 couples have officially become husband and wife. For you, this means that we only work with women for whom marriage is a conscious decision! In the course of our work and consultations, we do not give a 100% guarantee of marriage, but we help our clients to look at events in a new way and try to help people become a little happier. We have proven many times that at any age dating Ukrainian women for marriage can most likely end up in an international family. In that case a positive attitude of the man and his readiness to follow the recommendations of our agency's specialists is of primary importance. During your acquaintance with a Ukrainian woman we will help you to overcome your fears, stereotypes and to develop the right behavioral model. Open your heart to fresh feelings - they will come soon!

Our Dating Service Mission is important to Us

Helping Canadian men meet their love in Ukraine. As a leader in relationship counseling and research, is to facilitate the creation of stable couples, serious relationships, and the best mutual understanding between partners. We provide a personalized Assistant and Translator who will accompany you during your stay in Kiev (Ukraine) to maximize your chances in order to successfully seduce your Ukrainian bride. See below an interesting testimony of Evgenia, Ukrainian translator, who helped Anthony from California during his meetings in Kiev.

Our Service is mainly based in Ukraine, which is a much friendly country than Russia for example. Remember that Canada and Ukraine have very warm and friendly relationship which is important when it comes to inviting your fiancé in Canada.

You have different options when you decide to organize your trip :

  • You can travel by yourself and use one of our local coach to help you with translation, cultural differences, etc.
  • You can travel with us when we organize Group tour with our Canadian and French clients

Code of Conduct

With the intention of proving the reliability of our methods and earning the trust of our customers, the CQMI published in 2015 a clear and rigorous Code of Conduct. Thus, we demonstrate our commitment to the professionalism and the optimal training of our counselors to ensure the best possible support to our members who wish to find a stable partner for life.

The International Weddings Centre of Quebec commits itself to:

  • Personally meeting all members to analyse their specific needs and requirements.
  • Collecting all necessary information to appropriately guide and counsel the members in their choices.
  • Providing all possible means to help members start a serious and stable relationship. However, we cannot guarantee success.
  • Providing any relevant information to our members within the limits of the necessary protection of privacy and confidentiality.
  • Verifying all information regarding our candidates and communicating it without any distortion of facts.
  • Regularly checking and updating the information stored in our database, as well as our knowledge.
  • Strictly respecting the rules and the legislation throughout the entire process.
  • Re-evaluating our methods whenever the results call for such measures.
  • Closely monitoring our partner organisations and verifying the respect of our code of conduct by the partner organisations.

No More Partners : We registered all the ladies on our Website !

We now have  more than 2000 russian speaking brides candidates (mostly from Ukraine), one of whom might just become your partner for life. Our registered ladies are located in the following countries : Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldavia, Estonia, Lithuania, etc.

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