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The most famous of these is certainly Nadia Comaneci, the young Romanian gymnast who, one summer evening in Montreal in 1976, obtained the perfect score of 10 on the asymmetrical bars.

The most famous of these is certainly Nadia Comaneci, the young Romanian gymnast who, one summer evening in Montreal in 1976, obtained the perfect score of 10 on the asymmetrical bars. It will become the communist symbol of the Ceausescu family, which then dominated Romania. Unfortunately and too often Romania rhymes with Romanichel or Roma as they are sometimes called. This somewhat sulphurous reputation does not leave men indifferent. Indeed, the Romanian woman is beautiful, and she knows it. Like Moldova, not far away, the Romanian people are composed of different origins, a clever mix between the sun of Italy and the Eastern Slavic character. Romanian women know how to seduce and charm the hearts of single men, especially since they very often know the language of Shakespeare.

Romania is located just south of Ukraine.

While the capital Bucharest is in the south, the entire northern part borders Ukraine along the Carpathian Mountains, which we have already mentioned. It is a superb region straddling the Carpathians and the Danube, which also has access to the Black Sea in the east. However, with the difficult economic situation, working-age adults tend to seek Eldorado in the West, France, Spain or Italy. The Romanian language is a Latin language unlike the Slavic languages which use the Cyrillic alphabet. This massive immigration worries the country's authorities, who have been trying to limit the brain drain since the end of the totalitarian communist regime imposed by the Ceausescu family for almost 30 years.

The Romanian woman is the subject of debate

As you will appreciate in this exceptional report on Nadia Comaneci, the Romanian people, including women, have lived 30 years of communism and terrible poverty. With a superhuman effort, the entire population was called upon to repay the country's debts. As a result, it is easy to understand that Romanian women have a certain awareness of the importance of money. When you survive, you learn to manage and any means are good to get by. (including arranged marriages?) So as a man in search of love, it will be important to be careful.

nadia comaneci gym

The Romanian woman speaks French

Historically France and Romania have always been close. In Soviet times, young Romanians studied French in school and at the Lycée. Unfortunately, this tradition has since disappeared in favour of the English language, as is the case in all the countries of the former Soviet Union. Romanians over 50 years old almost all speak French!

Are Romanians Slavics?

We can really ask ourselves that question. The Romanian language is not a Slavic language, much closer to Italian. Even during the communist era, the Romanian Soviet approach was clearly different from that of Moscow. The physique of Romanian women is also distinct with darker hair: apart from the blond, smooth and long hair of Russian women, the black shiny look of the gypsy woman is reminiscent of the Moldovan Slavic women closest to Romania.

Sexual scandal in Italy: one out of two Romanian women who go to work in Sicily becomes a victim of sexual violence

The Sicilian province of Ragusa, an agricultural province in southern Italy, was at the centre of an international sex scandal. Journalists drew attention to the fact that after a massive appearance on local farms of female workers in Romania in urban hospitals, the number of abortions has risen sharply. According to the association for the protection of migrants' rights Proxyma, Romanian women represent only 4% of the female population in the province of Ragusa and they represent 20% of registered abortion operations.

They appeared in Italy in 2006. Then, the first 36 Romanian women came to Italy to work. In 2017, there are about five thousand of them.

Nicoleta Bolos, an agricultural worker:

- Where I come from, in Romanian Moldova, there is almost no work. And if you manage to get a job somewhere, then the average salary is 200 € per month. In Ragusa, you can earn much more.

Much more is just a little more than 20 euros per day, which is almost three times less than the Italian seasonal worker. For this money, women work 12 hours a day in heat and without water, live in isolated and unhealthy dependencies and are sexually assaulted by their employers. Nicoleta Bolos was raped and beaten with her husband's knowledge and pressure, writes The Guardian.

"My husband said I should do it, and if I refuse, the owner will leave us without money and chase us away." It seemed to me that he was going crazy, but when I refused, he beat me and ordered me to do everything the boss had ordered, and when the master came, he threatened me with a gun.

The Proxyma association estimated that more than half of Romanian women working in greenhouses must have sexual relations with their employers. This became known in 2014, in 2015, at the initiative of Italian MP Marisa Nicci, an investigation into the situation began, but it was never completed. The authorities in Ragusa say they are ready to help Romanian women who are victims of violence and cruel treatment. But the only thing that has been done so far is to open a shelter for women workers who have fled their owners.


So far, only one Sicilian farmer, who has had to answer to the law for abusing Romanian women, is known. And it's not just the work of the police. The workers themselves are in no hurry to make their stories public.

Alessandra Sciurba, Professor at the University of Palermo, co-author of the report on the situation of Romanian women:

"Women say they are ready to tolerate violence so that their children do not live in absolute poverty in Romania". As a result, they accept terrible conditions and cruel treatment. They have no opportunity to find another job, and to provide families, women make concessions, it is their conscious choice. But from our point of view, everything that happens can be called, according to the UN definition, forced labour and trafficking in human beings.

This is also confirmed by Prosecutor Valentine Botti, who has been working for several years on the problem of sexual violence and labour exploitation of Romanian women. Most victims perceive violence as a personal sacrifice made for the good of the family. And the prospect of losing a job frightens them more than slavery. Recently, more and more farmers are forcing their workers to participate in sex evenings, during which Romanian women are exchanged with friends and acquaintances. As World Of Migrants writes, for such events, 60-year-old employers generally choose girls aged 20 to 24. To force Romanian women to have sex, farmers threaten to deprive them of work, housing and money. The most vulnerable are women with children - the threats of separation between mother and child are generally very effective.

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