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Have you considered finding the love of your life abroad?
Meet Ukrainian bride and Russian Women today!

CQMI is a dating service that connects men with ladies in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other Eastern European countries.

Woman Ukrainian Natalia 6131
First Name Natalia
Age 46
Woman Russian Kristina 5854
First Name Kristina
Age 33
Woman Ukrainian Katerina 6022
First Name Katerina
Age 43
Woman Ukrainian Viktoria 4890
First Name Viktoria
Age 30

Meet your Russian bride or an Ukrainian woman

These Russian women have been selected and interviewed by ourselves and local partner agencies in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan. And they are all looking for serious relationships.



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For any question concerning the legal aspects of the CQMI services, you can contact our legal counsel, Me Victoria Tchistiakova from the firm Morency Attorneys, LLP.

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