About Russian women

About Russian women
Top 5 of totally false prejudices about Slavic women Prejudices about Russian women

Top 5 of totally false prejudices about Slavic women

15 June 2015

When it comes to love relationships with Russian women, there are almost always misunderstandings about them. They are said to be dishonest, living in misery with a large family, hunting for immigration papers, etc. Our vision of the world is largely based on prejudices and popular beliefs. Such a simplistic approach could lead to confrontations and misunderstandings. In addition, many stereotypes about Russian women are completely false and very far from the truth.

1. Women from Eastern Europe want to leave their countries at all costs

Marriage between foreign men and women from Eastern Europe has become today a topic that is frequently addressed on the radio, TV, in magazines. According to the media, all Slavic women want to marry a man from Western Europe or North America. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth, because if there are thousands of Russian ladies who want to marry a Western man, there also are millions of Russian women happily married to Russian men. A Russian woman who is married to a Russian man will never divorce to marry a foreigner, even if her living conditions are terrible.

Single Russian and Ukrainian women don’t seek to leave their countries at all costs for economic reasons; they have no financial interest. In general, they are more numerous than men in their countries; therefore, they look above all for a man who is respectful, sober, who maintains his bodily aspect, and whom they practically can’t find in their countries.

Russian ladies who want to leave their country don’t take this decision lightly, and all members of IWCQ are aware of what it implies: they must abandon their families, friends, and go to a country where they’ll know nobody except you, they won’t hear their mother  tongue anymore and, at the beginning, will be entirely dependent on you. However, they are ready to make this sacrifice for the man who conquered the woman’s heart!

2. Slavic women are poor and live in misery.

Financial inability is another myth concerning Russian women. According to statistics, most women in Eastern Europe have a job and earn a good living. In some cases, Slavic woman is the only economic support of her family.

This statistic is confirmed by the fact that all IWCQ members are financially autonomous, they have a degree and a permanent employment. In fact, they are not different from you. They are like you!

3. Ukrainian and Russian women are submissive and tend to be dominated.

Most Russian women who want to marry a foreigner are thirsty for appreciation and respect, they are ambitious and show a certain strength of character. In general, Russian women show much more patience and tolerance than Western women do: it’s because the key words of a Russian family are reliance and mutual help! Indeed, the Russian family is built on this principle of reliance: Russian women are very attached to their family members. They want to have equality within the couple, when it comes to the education of their children or sharing of household tasks. They will certainly be loyal and caring spouses with traditional family values, but in no way submissive!

4. Slavic women don’t adapt easily to the Western way of life.

Russian women are accused of not speaking English, not having a driving licence, not being familiar with credit cards and Western procedures of payment. It’s not quite true.

In general, women from Eastern Europe have a good education level and they speak at least one foreign language (often English, more rarely French or German) at a high school level. For young persons, especially in big cities, learning English as a second language becomes more and more important.

Did you know that more and more companies with foreign partners appear every year in Eastern Europe? Therefore, speaking English is one of the conditions of employment in these companies. In addition, such a requirement is imposed not only on candidates for management positions, but also on regular employees. About 30% of jobs available in Russia (according to the position) require basic or advanced knowledge of English. As a rule, the level of English is verified at the resume selection stage before the job interview.

It’s therefore not surprising that most Slavic women who are in the CQMI profile database speak at least one foreign language.

An increasing number of Slavic women can drive cars.

Even if the Russian economy uses mainly cash, credit cards are being used across all shops, bars and restaurants, and also to get fees and salaries. Particularities that exist in a given country can be taught and shown, and it’s easy to learn them.

5. Women from Eastern Europe are not educated.

Russia has a high enough level of education compared to that of many European countries. Reading books is a part of Russian life and culture. In general, Russian women prefer reading a book to going to movies or watching TV. In consequence, many Russian women are very educated, and many of them who are in the profile database of the International Wedding Centre of Quebec have graduate and postgraduate degrees. And they know that thousands of men around the world are attracted to them!

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