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In Ukraine women are tired of being strong

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Anna is a young 41 years-old Ukrainian woman who has a son of 22 years. Anna decided to register with CQMI international dating agency after seeing an ad on the internet. Anna was struck by the seriousness of our marriage agency and she enrolled. Why not try my chance? What struck us in this beautiful young woman with deep blue eyes is her sudden reaction when we asked her about feminism in North America. In Ukraine, she says, women are tired of being strong. Ukrainian woman would like to meet a strong man who will support the family and financially support the couple.

Anna's profile, 41 years old, beautiful Ukrainian woman

Anna has worked most of her life in a tea production company. But her real passion is sewing. She herself sewed her beautiful blue dress she wears in the video.

The ideal man?

Like the ideal woman, the ideal man does not exist according to Anna. According to her, the ideal man will be the one to which she will feel constantly drawn.

The family

The family is the union of a man and a woman who have common goals. The man and woman must spend time together and support each other.  They also must look in the same direction.


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