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The Beauty of Eastern European Brides

Beauty will save the world, said Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky, a master of classic 19th century Russian literature. Slavic women possess genuine, natural, and sensual beauty. Since that’s what they hear all the time from men around the world, they do realize they are beautiful and sexy. They pride themselves in their femininity and enjoy every minute of it and the compliments which they receive. Slavic women always appreciate the attention and praise.

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The secret of this special allure and charm lies in the wild mix of the East and the West.   For several centuries the lands that are now modern Russia and Ukraine were occupied by a diverse number of peoples. This ethnic diversity included the Proto-Indo-Europeans, Slavs, Scandinavians, Mongol-Tatars, Germanic peoples, and many others. Even today, there are more than one hundred official nationalities in Russia, and 27 commonly spoken languages are considered official languages. All of this genetic mix has occurred in Slavic countries for many centuries. The result is a lovely combination of the best of the East and the best of the West. Slavic women typically have high cheekbones, a round face, soft lines, light skin, bright green or bright blue or gray eyes, and light or dark brown hair. In BelarusRussia, and Ukraine, many Slavic women are noticeably tall. 

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The Physique of Eastern European Women

Due to high levels of the female hormone estrogen, Slavic women usually have an hourglass or pear body shape. Such features give them extreme femininity, which makes them very feminine and attractive to men. Having a petite body structure is also quite common in Ukraine as well as Russia and is considered a Slavic trait. 

Slavic Women and Fashion

While Western women often accuse Russian women of poor taste when it comes to fashion, the latter keep and cherish their love for bright colored clothes. Their passion for colors, gold, silver, and gems is most likely the legacy of the East and is sometimes difficult for westerners to understand. Traditionally, Slavic women wear their wedding ring on the ring finger of their right hand. Unlike western women, Russian and Ukrainian women may wear several rings that do not necessarily imply engagement or marriage. 

Another essential part of the wardrobe of Slavic women is fur, much appreciated by them, which is simply due to the weather conditions in most parts of their countries. Again, this is another aspect of Slavic fashion, which may be difficult for westerners to understand. Winters are so cold in Russia and Ukraine that warmth is paramount. Fur coats are significantly less expensive in Slavic countries versus western countries and are often gifts passed down from mother to daughter, or even aunt to niece.  

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The Power of Slavic Women

Its often heard that the Mail order bride services take advantage of weak Eastern European women, which is nonsense. Russian and Ukrainian women have power in every sense of the word. Their strength lies in their patience and their ability to forgive. The power of a Slavic woman is necessary for the survival of her family as well as herself. They remain beautiful, despite everything. But maybe the most significant demonstration of their strength is that they show their weakness to men. Both of these principles coexist in the daily life of Eastern women: being able to show force in some situations and being weak in others, which is a kind of game of changing roles, and they know and perform it brilliantly. Slavic women cultivate their femininity and never set it aside. 

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The Education of Russian women

In addition to power and beautyEastern women are well educated and hardworking. In Slavic countries, and all countries from the ex-Soviet Union, one woman out of four has a university degree, and this rate increases every year. 35% of Slavic women have a college degree. Three women out of four are employed, which represents half of the labor market in Slavic countries. 3% of women even have a second job! Education in the Soviet Union time was extremely efficient and still is nowadays in Slavic countries. Many Slavic women are multilingual. It is common to find Ukrainian and Slavic women who speak and understand two or more languages. 


Character of Eastern Women

The Character of Slavic women

Eastern European women possess endurance and patience. According to the Journal of Intercultural Communication Research, Slavic countries are female. This fact implies the value system prevailing in Slavic society. The so-called masculine qualities such as competitive spirit, self-esteem, ambition as well as money-making receive influence from female values. These feminine values include the ability to emphasize good relationships between people and the quality of life, which explains why Eastern European women are so caring, supporting, kind, and have a maternal instinct.

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QUIZ : Measure your chances of success with a Slavic woman