Polish Women

For the Russians, a few decades ago, Polish women were the norm of elegance and style.

Polish Beauties: all about Polish girls. Poland has long been famous for the charm and sweetness of its women. And what about modern Polish women?

Poland has long been famous for the charm and femininity of its women, one of which has won the hearts of Napoleon. For the Russians, a few decades ago, Polish women were the norm of elegance and style. In the famous "Vanda", all the fashionable women of the Soviet Union bought Polish cosmetics, handbags, handkerchiefs from Poland. The Cosmetics Pollena and Pani Walewska was considered the best possible gift to offer - if there were no French counterparts, half of a country smelled the perfume "Maybe" of a small bottle neck narrow ... And the modern Poles?

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Polish girls: their physical appearance

Many Polish women recall the German with a fleshy nose and a big mouth (although such a description can be scary, women of this type are pretty good physically - to remind Barbara Brylska of the popular film in her youth "Ironically, or enjoy your bath! "). On average, Poles seem older than Russian women of similar age. And there are not really so many beauties per square kilometer that you will find in Russia. But how the Polonaises stand, it's amazing! The first thing that catches your eye is the posture: most Polish girls have their shoulders straightened, even backwards. Formerly there was even a saying: "The border between the USSR and Poland is the easiest to recognize by the posture of women."

The character of Polish girls: Ambitious, beautiful and religious

Polish women are not only sure of themselves, but extremely confident: 81% consider themselves extremely attractive physically. Apparently, there is an explanation in the genes of grandmothers with golden hair, laughing and cheerful, which easily captivate kings and emperors. Polish people are ambitious, sometimes excessive. You can often hear how they speak for themselves using standard formulations: jestem mąoda, ambitna, przybojowa, podrouїe fad. For a Russian speaking person, this sounds pretty funny. It's like a girl saying, "I'm brazen and uncomplexed, I'll go through the corpses to reach my goal." But in Polish, unlike Russian, the word "ambitna" has a positive connotation.

Almost always in the company of women of different nationalities, Polish women win. The ribbon in the most modest hair, a hair clip, a sly look, a short and sensual conversation, and that's the broken hearts are at their feet on their knees. The Poles have their own behavior and attitude, they will easily go into contact and are directly in the manifestation of emotions. They will only tell you pleasant things. The gift you brought will be admired all evening. But at the same time, the Polish will not allow any freedom to a stranger and will not put you in an unpleasant situation. A girl who looks barely more cute than a crocodile on a photo in a dating site, can be totally transformed into a real encounter with you, so much so that in your eyes, all its defects will become virtues . There is a word in Polish such as sympatyczny. In this case, we do not talk about the physical beauty, but just the behavior. Young girls feel what it means to be a Pani with a capital letter because they have been so used to it.

Polish women very religious!

The general religiosity inherent in all Poles is also characteristic of young girls. You can often see young boys and girls praying in churches or going to confession with the priest. In the streets are advertising posters with the image of a beautiful girl and the inscription: "Listen to your God". Like adults, young people go to the church 2-3 times a day to pray, kneel and then go about their business. They say that if they neglect their duties in front of the church, the neighbors can report them to the priests, which will lead to problems at work or at school. In Poland, the home country of the late John Paul II, women wait longer than other Europeans before having sex with their partner - an average of 7.4 visits (for comparison: Italian is 5.4 and Sweden after the fourth date).

Concerned about their appearance ...

Virtually no one woman (Pani) will leave the house, even to go to the store, without makeup, but few of them are ready to admit it. The best praise in this case comes from the lips of her husband (The Pan): "Honey, you are so beautiful, even if you do not have makeup."

The lip gloss has almost completely supplanted the traditional lipstick: it is much easier to apply and faster, there are many shades, and a light and transparent base gives shine and chic to the most neutral makeup. Therefore, it enjoys a particular popularity among Polish girls: the soft lips create a feeling of freshness and youth. Older women also love this subject of decorative cosmetics because it hides small wrinkles on the lips. Teint only lashes (and even if they are light); the eyes smooth slightly along the eyelash growth line with a brown or gray pencil. Paint and slightly underline the eyebrows with a pencil (if necessary). Also, they often use a special colorless gel to tame disobedient hair. They look fresh and natural. As the French say, a natural.

In the bathrooms and on the tables of Polish luxury brands you will find the following brands: Estée Lauder, Chanel, Dior, Clarins - peacefully coexist with pots and tubes of Polish manufacturers - Dr. Irena Eris, Kolastyna , Pollena-Ewa, Dermika. The derma-cosmetics, which is by no means inferior to all the well-known Vichy brands, enjoys the popularity of the Polish Lirene (the branch of Dr. Irena Eris).

Polish women of all ages love to groom themselves with beauty products. They will apply, for example, a rejuvenating serum concentrated with night cream from grape seeds or Spray the face instead of tonic with a refreshing spray of Moroccan rose or white tea. Honey wraps and mud that comes off at least once a month. For Manicure-Pedicure, the usual daily procedures, not just before going out. Gel nails, shiny nail art - all this is not in high esteem. Most often, the color of the varnish is chosen in tone to the basic colors of clothing, exotic and acidic, not advisable.

How do they comb their hair?

Polish women will adhere to the global trend in the art of hairdressing with natural colors and natural forms. The image of the modern woman suggests a neat haircut, freshly washed hair and a thin volume of hairstyle: a classic are the square haircuts. Bright colors such as ultraviolet rays, ripe cherries or discolored white, as well as obvious lines, show a lack of taste. There are hairstyles like "little head", which is performed in combination with a spectacular color burst. Its base is a spherical haircut. For many modern hairstyles, partial thinning of the hair in the area of ​​the temple is characteristic. Popular haircuts for young Polish girls with asymmetrical lines and partially curly locks, when all the hair is combed on one side and cut unevenly. When laying, they will use special varnishes, foams or waxes.

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How do Polish people dress? Casual baggy and "stylish ladies"

Polish women usually dress discreetly, giving preference to everyday practical things. Young people will prefer the rather informal sports-type clothes, which unfortunately will hide all the advantages of a female figure and are quite popular. We notice that the younger generation does not follow fashion as the older generation. Apparently, Poland in this respect is trying to be like its western neighbors. It is extremely rare to see shoes with high heels. The Polish girls or Pannochki consider this: "The shoes in the afternoon should be comfortable.If women always wear high-heeled shoes, they would always be in a bad mood, and after a few years nobody would look at the feet of these women.

Modest makeup, flawless handkerchief (only fabric) and a discreet aroma is the highest class of dress code in business, which also accompanies Polish workers in offices. The sets of clothes are chosen so that you can easily transfer business negotiations from the office to the restaurant. These clothes are necessarily high quality, not too bright in color and tone, which fit perfectly to the figure, do not crease strongly and in which you can feel comfortable in any situation. Ideal fabrics: fine wool with the addition of lycra, cashmere and silk, linen and silk. The popular prestigious brands of men's business suits and quality garments are popular - Armani, Boss, Brioni, Patrick Hellmann, Francesco Smalto, Pal Zileri.

A dress with a special taste is ideal for ladies of very old age: a compulsory hat in the tone of the dress and lace gloves - so you will see "elegant ladies". Polish is always elegant: they will never wear unmatched outfits, however elegant they may be. And the simplest thing will be worn with such dignity that they will be envied by the models.

The Polish people say: if you want to know what is worn this season and which will be worn in the next season, take a stroll along the Marshalkovskaya in Warsaw, where are concentrated the largest commercial complexes of the Polish capital. The most popular shopping centers in Poland are Arkadia and Zlote Tarasy in Warsaw, the Krakow Gallery respectively, in Krakow and downtown Silesia in Katowice.

Trends are created mainly in the capital, where many good designers work. They create fashion in Poland. Among the products offered are famous Polish brands such as Ulimex, Sunwear, Waldimex, Spektra, Almax, Valeria. All garments are distinguished by high sewing quality, modern fabrics, fashionable and elegant styles. Well beyond the country are famous Polish blouses: models of silk, viscose, cotton, various mixed fabrics that allow women to create a variety of images - from strict and business to elegant and romantic.

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The activities of Polish women

Just lying on the beach is no longer fashionable for the Polish slave woman, today's trend is active rest. In Poland, to this end, an excellent infrastructure has been created with many special offers for all tastes. The most popular sports in Poland are skiing, mountaineering, mountain and sailing, and all this can be done without leaving the country. There are active recreation centers, landscaped parks and reserves, cable cars, hiking and biking trails, horse riding, golf, water and extreme sports, a variety of theme parks - it's without limit.

The Poles say that a dancing woman, a sailing boat and a galloping horse are the most enjoyable things to watch. Horse riding is indeed a great entertainment, useful and affordable in Poland. This sport has a beneficial effect on all muscle groups and is available for everyone, at any age, and does not require any special training. For example, the Furioso riding center in Staryy Zhukovitsy near Tarnow (near Krakow) offers both training, entertainment and hippotherapy.

Poles love and know how to dance, but how can it be different in a country where the national anthem - the "Mazurka" of Dombrovsky! Most Poles dance plays against plays even in discotheques, and know how to dance well, and not an unintelligible swing; and they also love tango, foxtrot and polka.

In Gdansk, in many streets between houses and road, there is a green strip of 20 to 30 m wide, and many bike paths are usually available in forest areas. You will see on the bicycles strong men of 40-50 years, old women, Polish women with the appearance of beauty model, as well as bicycles with special trailers for transporting children. There are also many skaters on the bike paths. Hundreds of people in shorts and skates ride on bike paths, not just skateboarding, but roam the city for business or work. The bike paths are equipped like real roads. There are traffic lights, in front of the lower branches of the trees there are doors with panels reflecting light, a zebra crossing is drawn at the intersection with the footpaths, and where the bike paths meet, a mark marks the priority.

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What's eating pani? What little dishes will prepare you Polish women?

Each country has its own particular smells. Austria with its aromas of coffee and cakes, Italy the Chianti and its algae smells of Venice, France its wet and tired flavors of oysters, champagne and truffles. Poland stands out with the aroma of antiquity and cheap food.

Polish cuisine is famous for its variety of cooked and smoked sausages, which, hot and cold, enter the daily food from morning to night. The favorite foods are - bigos - sauerkraut and raw cabbage soup, mushrooms, with spices and several (at least three) types of meat and sausages.

Flasks in Warsaw, it's just soup made with beef stomach. A mysterious soup "Zurek" - is a mysterious combination of rye with thick warm kvass with slices of homemade sausages and boiled eggs (!). On hot summer days, cold soups are prepared from strawberries, cherries, apples, pears and wild berries. In autumn, soups of cucumbers and mushrooms are popular. With spicy dishes, drinking vodka is a mandatory tradition for Poles, especially during the cold season. Also popular is the high quality beer, which is served both cold and hot ("gzhano beer"), "gzhano wine" (in a simple mulled wine with spices), Gourlasky tea (with lemon, with honey and vodka - grog) and the cherry drink. Wherever you can enjoy hot or cold dishes (at your choice), you have to taste the incomparable charlotte with whipped cream and other high quality bakery products (but with a scary number of calories, simply called goodbye to your size!).

The worship at the limit of fanaticism is kawa (coffee). Innumerable varieties are always drunk, everywhere and several times a day. In the café, you can often see an unusual picture for Russia: at a table with resumes and a laptop you will see a student and the table next door with old ladies who have gone out drinking coffee by habit. However, the grandmother brings a kind of clean food that she has prepared: apparently, it is cheaper ... And it is in Warsaw in the order of things.

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