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Russian lady from Petersburg, lives in Kiev and works in Almaty : Svetlana

Interview in English

Rarely you will have the chance to meet a Russian woman with as much grace and elegance in her approach. Svetlana is thin, sensual, sexy and intelligent. At 39, she seeks the man of her dreams who will seduce her and convince her to marry.

She is soft, discreet and very modest. She lives in Kiev but she has origins in St. Petersburg in Russia.

For a 39-year-old woman, Svetlana looks much younger, probably the secret of her active and healthy lifestyle. Svetlana takes time to maintain her body between her various trips to Almaty. This beautiful Russian woman works in interior decoration. She showed us on her IPad photographs of her achievements in Almaty in a large restaurant in the city as well as decorative and interior design. Undoubtedly a woman who has classy tastes. Does it have luxury flavors? Probably a little to my taste but who does not try anything has nothing, so will you try to seduce Svetlana and marry you with this beautiful Russian woman?

Svetlana is sweet and secretive. She started to immigrate to Canada because she loves Canada.

Profile of Svetlana Gorgeous 39-year-old Russian girl from Saint Petersburg