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Sex and Russian women Sex and Russian women CQMI

Sex and Russian Women

17 April 2017

Provocative, sexually engaging, superlatives rain when it comes to describing these Russian Barbie dolls in high heel and mini skirt that you see on the internet in photo, video or fashion magazines. The Russian woman dreams, it stimulates your imagination and your libido undoubtedly. But what about her sexuality? How are Russian women in bed? Have you ever wondered? Are they in the image of their external appearance of creatures of lust and passion? Reality will surprise you. Being outrageously feminine does not necessarily mean being a prostitute. If the Slavic woman likes to wear heels, lipstick and excite the eyes of men, it is because she wants to affirm her sexual difference. It's not necessarily because she wants to sleep with you!

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The ratio of men to women in the countries of the former Soviet Union

In order to understand the Russian woman's sexuality, a return to history allows us to understand that Soviet women suffered terribly during the Second World War and ended up with each other towards the end of the war. With nearly 50 million dead on the side of Russian fighters including civilians, Slavic women face a cruel man's deficit when Russian tanks return to Moscow. Alesia in her video explains this interesting historical phenomenon that led to a devaluation of women for the benefit of men in Russia and Ukraine.

To attract the eyes of a man, the Russian woman is feminized to excess

The consequence of this is that women from the countries of the former Soviet Union have had to compete fiercely to find their Male! All means are good. In St. Petersburg, on a business trip, I met a beautiful Russian blonde woman who accepted in all humility to become the second wife of a businessman already married. Indeed, the deficit of serious men creates surprising situations for us who live in Canada, country in which the male population is superior to the female population.

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Ukrainian woman knows how to hypnotize you with her body

In Ukraine and Russia there is no need to be an expert in sexology to understand that female representatives use absolutely every possible resource to captivate the eye of man and hypnotize you. I would always remember one of my Swiss friends with me in St. Petersburg to study Pushkin's language. After a week of classes, he literally disappeared to find herself in the bars of bare dancers, the arms of luxury whores, in gentlemen's clubs, to be washed away financially. I finally found him in late summer with a cluster of Russian girls with bad lives who had swindled her a coquettish sum of 10,000 euros in less than a month. Sex has its demands!

But what is the reality behind the facade of the ostentatious sexual object?

The reality is quite different, and you may already have noticed by watching our videos testimonies of Russian women. Russian women of Slavic tradition are the guardians of the family nucleus. Apart from a rare percentage of the Russian female population who earns their living on the streets of Moscow, Slavic women are more concerned with the notion of family than with the notion of sex or the multiplication of sexual partners.

The Slavic society's judgment on the morals of girls

I will always remember the confidence of Marina in Samara who had explained to me that I felt a severe pain in the stomach before going to the family meals. At 26, alone, unmarried, not yet married, she had to undergo a pitiless judgment of society and her close family. A young Slavic woman must marry young and have children, her social status depends on it. In North America, it is precisely the opposite. The society judges women who marry too young and leave their studies and careers.

So finally, sex or not when you travel in Russia?

If you will ask me the question directly, then I will answer you in the same way. If a Ukrainian woman decides to make love with you on a first trip, tell her that it is likely that she would have had the same behavior with another man before you or after you. Ask yourself about his seriousness. Dating agency CQMI does not organize sex tourism tours or Sex tours. We allow you to meet a Slavic woman to found a family that must last on time.

QUIZ : Measure your chances of success with a Slavic woman

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