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Kristina from Crimea a young Ukrainian girl with perfect english

Interview in English avec sous-titres français

Kristina is a 26 years old Ukrainian girl who comes from Crimea in southern Ukraine on the shores of the Black Sea. Kristina is presently working as a hostess on the cruise ships. She told us about her education and her interest for foreign languages ​​including French language. Kristina speaks perfectly in englisg as you can witness. She enrolled in CQMI dating agency in Montreal to find love with a serious man who wants to start a family.

Kristina's profile, young Ukrainian girl

Kristina a girl from Ukraine working on cruise ships

Kristina worked as a hostess on the cruise ships and travel around the world, and even in Canada and Antarctica. She explained that this is not a good idea to meet a man on a boat during her work. These men around her are officers who are for the most part already married.

Kristina is a Crimean girl!

Kristina is from Crimea, originally a Ukrainian territory that became Russia after the annexation of the territory by Russian President Vladimir Putin. She explained to us that confusion reigns in the Crimea for citizens who have been replaced by their Ukrainian passports Russian passports. However, Kristina Russian parents are from St. Petersburg in Russia. For them it was just a homecoming.

The age difference in the couple

Kristina talks about the age difference between the couple. According to her, garçcons his age are boring and uninteresting. A difference of 10 years between man and woman is a big difference that will ensure long life of the couple. She explains why. Read our article on the subject of the age difference which is a parameter that matters.

The family is in first postion before the career

Although Kristina wants to work if she immigrates to Canada to live with a Canadian man, in her values family will always be in first position before the career. Kistina dreams of a warm and comfortable home with the laughter of children. In her opinion Love and family are not some items that you can buy with any amount of money.