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02 October 2016

The concept is not new, that's thousands of years that this association exists between the man who has been successful and the young pretty woman who has physical assets. Only feminists are trying to make us believe that it is immoral. The western society disapproves; it is a fact but can we really disapproved of what we do feel? not sure. The body and mind, spirit and body. But this raises many questions. Mature men, over 50 years’ old who are interested in Russian or Ukrainian girls in their twenties for the wedding, are they neurotic? Are they pedophiles who do not admit it? And on the other hand, these young lady’s dolls Barbie-like, beautiful and sexy, that capture our attention, they seduce the men for fun? Or they are also seeking to fulfill a deeper need, no matter what thinks the society? Working in an international dating agency brings me to meet any situation and our role is necessarily to understand. Judge? I let the magazines like the Journal de Montreal do it. The more I read newspaper, the more I realize that the media are more judges as information vehicles.

The mature man above 50 years-old is fascinated by the beauty of young Slavic women

Aging has advantages, such as wisdom. After making silly things we finally understand what is good and what is bad for oneself. The calm of wisdom is sometimes like a cup of hot tea in winter. It protects us. But this is also a despair for men when seeing his body deteriorate gradually over the years. And it's no fun to live. The arrogance of the physical beauty of a young woman in the countries of Eastern Europe may have an impact on the psyche of the man who starts to have doubts about his physical force. This is a normal feeling. How to recover what was lost? Like a magnet with invisible powers, the beautiful Russian women walking on Nievsky Prospect in St. Petersburg will bewitch you with their charms. The space of a moment, just for a night, a man looking for love and feelings wants to find his body of 20 years. The beauty is magical. Do you have any memories of Ulysses on his ship who is attached to the boat not to melt into the siren song that leads to the reefs and the destruction of the boat? The desire to find that part in us that is not outside us but inside. To explore this topic, watch our latest video on the part of you looking for love.

Can we capture and regain our lost youth?

For just a moment yes it is possible, no doubt. Contact with the pure beauty of these young Slavic girls, and the body changes, mind is capsized. As a powerful drug, intoxication from contact with the illusion of physical possession will give wings to anyone who wants to fly. Nowhere else in the world better than the streets of St. Petersburg you can feel that kind of dizzying intoxication. I remember with emotion my friend Leonardo who started Russian lessons with me in this beautiful Russian city to disappear after a few days literally absorbed and swallowed by Russian women in Russia's largest second city.

Why does the western society carry a judgment?

In modern Western society in which the contrast of gender roles is put to the test, it is perfectly normal to condemn men who prefer younger women. This becomes totally immoral because feminist women want to assimilate masculine behaviors and reduce behavioral differences between men and women. Man must change and learn to behave like a woman, and vice versa. In the Slavic society that encourages differences of role, it carries less consequence as the man and woman are clearly distinct. The man is a man, with his physiology. The woman is a woman with her own physiology. It is normal to see differences in behavior.

And what do Russian girls think? Why seek an older man?

In Western society the young woman in a couple with a mature man is presented as a victim. But if you asked her the question rather than society? Is she attracted or as feminists explain it she is subjected to the unhealthy male violence? Do you have a concrete idea of ​​their real motivation? The money? Anything is possible with that damn Russian woman capable of anything! Well I'm not a woman, and it's terribly difficult to answer for me but I can assure you that some young women have a real interest to be with much older men, and it is what we find quite often in Slavic societies.

Lesya as explained in her video on YouTube, the massacres caused by the Second World War caused a shortage of men in the Slavic society. This deficit had the biggest consequence increasing respect accorded to men and their role in society. So a man, regardless of his age has an important place in the eyes of Russian or Ukrainian women because of its rarity. For a woman in Russia, the man becomes thus a rarity and it creates a kind of competition between females to reach the Holy Grail, the Wedding! Marriage is the award, it is the consecration of the young Russian woman who wants to start a family.

But then you ask yourself, why a Russian girl who looks like a Barbie doll she will choose an older man?

Security! How many times did I hear of young ladies explain that by choosing an older man (or even much older) they have the confidence to keep this man who will not look elsewhere for a younger woman.

More mature successful man means the advantage of physical security, financial all of which is necessary for a young woman who wants to devote herself fully to her children and her family. Thus the man who has life experience can guarantee a fertile ground for a Russian girl who wants to create her own family. Remember that a professional career is not the first priority of a young student who has just finished university.

Finally a mature man is more willing to family values, he has lived his youth and therefore is more reliable for a Young Slavic girl, in Ukraine and Russia.

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