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Carpathian Ukrainian Mountains and Ukrainian women-CQMI

Interview in English avec sous-titres français

Dating agency CQMI in order to meet with Russian women and Ukrainian women propose a new video discussing about the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains touristic region and also about a Russian lady who explains that she needs a man to feel completely herself

Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains is a beautiful region for tourists at western side of Ukraine where you can book a nice authentic hotel with thermal baths. Why not discover the region of your future Ukrainian bride?


In this video we discuss about two principal aspects:

1. If you get married with a beautiful Ukrainian lady, can you imagine the infinite number of possibilities to enjoy your cultural difference with your wife? If she comes from the Ukrainian Carpathian region, why not travel there in the summer or winter time? In the summer, you will enjoy thermal bath with pure source water coming from the mountains. In the winter you can enjoy the winter skiing station named Bukovel. I was in the Carpathian Ukrainian Mountains last summer 2015 and you can enjoy the quality of the water and the camaraderie of Ukrainian people close to the water fall.

2. In the second part of the video you will enjoy an interview with the beautiful Ukrainian lady Natalia, and she explains us some very key aspect of the Russian mentality of women. She explains that she does not feel herself complete unless she is close to her future husband. A man and a Russian woman are designed biologically to live together, she explains and this is a strong and powerful idea if you think it through.

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