Special offer: Get the contact details of a Ukrainian woman for FREE! Get a contact for free

Special offer: Get the contact details of a Ukrainian woman for FREE!

03 July 2021

Dear Friend,


Great evils require great remedies.

Today, I have decided to strike a blow.

The situation has become so difficult that I have no choice but to ask for your cooperation in exchange for a GIFT worth 50 euros.

I will explain what it is in this letter.




For almost 2 years now since COVID struck, our sector has been severely shaken and we have had to make a lot of sacrifices:

- We have not done any romance tour to Ukraine for almost 2 years.

- Fewer and fewer clients decide to try their luck in Ukraine.

- Declining registrations...


Obviously, you have understood that the financial consequences are disastrous to the point of putting us in real difficulty.

However, it is now possible to travel to Ukraine almost normally (with a negative test of less than 72 hours and an insurance).

Not to mention the fact that the trip is optional, with the gradual reopening of the borders, you could simply invite him to your home after a few weeks of remote communication.

In short, the conditions are now met to realize your dream of meeting a beautiful Slavic woman, without forgetting that summer is at our doorstep.




That's why I had the idea to offer you a gift that you can't refuse in exchange for a little help that will cost you absolutely nothing.

Indeed, I propose to you to obtain the coordinates of a Slavic woman of your choice FREE OF CHARGE (gift worth 50€).

Yes, it's a GIFT, for you.

In return, you have only one thing to do: put a 5 star review with a description (an explanatory text) on the platform of your choice:


Put a Review on TrustPilot  (do a search on Agence CQMI and put a 5 star review with an explanation)




Put a Review on Facebook (on the CQMI Agency Facebook Page)




Here are the details of this offer that I am making exceptionally:

For a period of 1 week only!

The offer will be valid from June 26th to July 4th inclusively.

I am offering a FREE CONTACT (GIFT of 50€) to anyone who registers for free during this period with one condition:

You must put a 5 Star Review on our Facebook page or on the CQMI Agency Google or TrustPilot review page using your real name (so I can check that it is your testimonial).


So just to be clear, follow the steps below:


0 - You add a 5 star review on TrustPilot, Facebook or Google with your name and a reasoned text explanation.

1 - You register for free by sending the signed form and a photo ID : see the procedure here

2 - You create your profile on the CQMI website.

3 - You choose a profile among the members of our site with your access code.

4 - At the first acceptance, you will get her contact information for free (Email, Skype, Viber)


I specify again to make it clear that you have absolutely NOTHING to pay in the steps above.


EVERYTHING IS FREE. (no hidden cost)




So, thanks to our services, you could meet a Ukrainian woman this summer without paying a cent!

Just imagine this opportunity which is offered to you and which will allow you to reach emotional happiness with a beautiful Slavic woman, in a serious and honest agency.




Take your courage in both hands and finally take action.

You can't refuse!

Don't you think you deserve to live a beautiful relationship with a Slavic woman who has beautiful values of couple and family!

Isn't this exactly what you can't find in your country anymore?

And what exists in Ukraine?

Then you know what you have to do ;-)

We are ready to help you realize your dream!

From now on you can start looking at the profiles of our members on our site to find your happiness.


Check out the profiles of single women from our agency at https://www.cqmi.ca/en




You can simply reply to this letter if you are interested in the offer or write to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if it is not clear.

I wish you a healthy weekend!




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