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Victoria is a beautiful young Russian woman who speaks French and English and lives in Montreal, Canada. Born in Ukraine in the city of Lvov, west of Kiev, her father working in the military force must return to Moscow in Russia after her birth. It is in the Russian capital that Victoria will spend most of her life before deciding one day to come to live in Montreal, Canada, with a 2-year stopover in Calgary in western Canada.


Victoria immigrated to Canada under the Skilled Worker Program

Specialist in Financial Audit, and after falling in love with the beautiful city of Montreal, this beautiful Russian Girl decided to try her luck in Canada. She spent two and a half years in Calgary before finally making the decision to live her dream to move to Montreal. With a degree in finance from a prestigious university in Moscow, Victoria will have had no difficulty in obtaining a diploma equivalence in Canada for the recognition of her studies. This is a question we are often asked. The process of recognition of diplomas is done during immigration’s process. Holding a diploma from the top three Russian universities in finance, this will not have been difficult for this beautiful young Russian bride.

Victoria’s registration in our marriage agency in Montreal

Is it difficult for a young and beautiful Russian woman in Montreal to find a man when one is single looking for a serious relationship? In her case, she explains her celibacy through work. I have always invested my time in my professional career to the detriment of my personal life, "she explains. New in Montreal, it's hard to meet a man when you do not have a circle of friends.

Differences between Russian men and Canadian men?

To choose between the two, Victoria from Russia, prefers Canadian men who are more responsible and know how to take care of their children. They pay more attention to their health than Russian men (we think of vodka and cigarette).

Differences between Canadian and Russian women?

Yes of course she noticed any differences. Canadian women are more of the American type; they are independent women. We women of Slavic tradition, Russian or Ukrainian, we are of the old school. We still appreciate the traditional values ​​of the family. The Family is in first position for Russian women. While women here in Quebec are concentrating on their professional careers. It's always interesting to go to a new country because you can see big differences in mentalities, says Victoria.


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