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Do you intend to get married with a Russian bride's profile on a dating site?

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Did you know that there is an important difference between an Eastern European woman's profile and the real Ukrainian or Russian lady behind the profile you found on the dating site? A profile is an instant projection with some pictures of more or less good qualities. Some Russian and Ukrainian girls have developed the art to create a successful profile with some well-chosen images and suggestive text. While others modest Slavic ladies not so advanced in communication do not know how to promote themselves. It would be a shame to miss your true love because you have let your imagination play you a trick.


Maria is a beautiful young Ukrainian girl from the suburbs of Kiev

Maria came to the interview with her mother in the rain! Maria is a young artist who paints on silk and textiles. This young Slavic girl from Eastern Europe explains that the Skype software is helpful to get to know a man  from another continent but that this cannot replace the real romantic encounter in Kiev.

Romantic trip to Ukraine from July 22 to August 7, 2016.

The prices of airline tickets are higher in the summer high season during the school holidays. Attention to the prices of airline tickets to Ukraine.

Are the Russian princesses snubbed women who do not want to work?

With Maria we have the evidence to the contrary. Maria and her mother made a big effort to come to Kiev in the rain for the weekend. This is also another proof of the sincere and true motivation of these Slavic women who want to start a family on traditional values.

Can you fall in love with a profile on a dating site?

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Our imagination sometimes plays tricks on us, especially when we look at the profiles of these beautiful women from Russia or Ukraine, all sexier than each other. From a profile, which is a snapshot taken at a specific time in their lives, many of you start to draw definitive conclusions. I noticed, for example, the following behaviors:

Some clients come to the office with a printed Ukrainian woman's profile, and they already have a pretty clear idea of ​​who this woman from Eastern Europe is, her character, her work, her attitude, etc. Without ever having met her, their imagination has clearly built the actual imaginary person, which is generally far from the real person!

Some profiles, particularly well made, with nice pictures and text, attract the majority of men clients. However, these Slavic women whose profile are very well done, with nice text and sexy pictures, can be sometimes very deceiving when you meet them for real. While other Russian or Ukrainian women, who do not know how to showcase their profiles, are beautiful and deserve the meeting.

Sometimes we just need to change the main picture of a Russian single woman’s profile and our men customers decide to add this profile to their contacts, which proves once again that the selection is based on arbitrary criteria.

Example of DreamConnections in Texas: they simply prohibit remote communication and choice of profiles before the actual meeting

DreamConnections and its founder Mark Davis explains clearly that the remote communication by letter or Skype as well as choice of profiles, are so many obstacles to arrive at the creation of a stable couple. This is the dating system and procedure in Ukraine which determines the success rate and number of marriages. It is not the quantity of profiles on a dating site which brings results.




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