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Should I fall in love with an Eastern European woman’s profile on a dating site?

21 May 2016

The question is not so funny, because it really is an actual question. Quite 0ften a man can become emotionally attached to a Russian or Ukrainian woman after seeing her profile and photos on our dating site. Given the results, this phenomenon is dangerous because it affects you emotionally and it distracts you from your goal of meeting a Slavic woman to start a family and a relationship. Other men say they will not make a romantic trip to Ukraine as long as they have not seen on our dating a Ukrainian woman profile that attracts them to the point they can fall in love. Let us try to understand how all that attraction for lady’s profiles deviate from your goal of meeting a Ukrainian woman who will make you happy. Indeed, your goal is to meet a woman with whom you will start a serious and fulfilling relationship, isn’t it? In the end it boils down to matchmaking services.

Our competitor in the US, , does not believe in profiles or letters with Ukrainian women.

If you look closely at the Ukrainian women profiles database of our competitor in the US, you will find that this list does not exceed 200 single brides from Nikolayev and about. Furthermore, Mark Davis, the president, does not allow communication by letter beforehand. He asks each of its clients to make the leap into the void. For the modest sum of US $ 5,000 (without airfare) you are invited to a week in Nikolayev in order to meet on average a hundred Ukrainian women singles who have been selected carefully for the event. If you want to go alone, expect to pay as little as US $ 8,000. In the end this well-oiled company enjoys an excellent reputation and achieved amazing results with the order of current stats of 80% according to founder.

In other words, it seems that in their case, the amount of  Ukrainian women’s profiles and remote communication have absolutely no impact on the results. Everything happens on the spot with the coaching of Mark Davis. Amazing is not it?

Motivate your trip to Ukraine based on an Eastern European woman's profile in the database?

Other men explain that they do not want to travel until they do not have the certainty of having found a beautiful Ukrainian lady in our database to motivate their decision. By pushing a little reasoning, their choice of future wife, the one who will share their daily lives, is made based on 4 pictures and 3 text fields. Is it really feasible to choose one’s future Ukrainian wife with as little information? To ask the question is not just respond?

When one’s attaches too much importance to the profiles of Slavic women online, we miss a lot of other information, this seems obvious. I personally did not pick up my future wife among profiles before heading to my romantic trip to Ukraine. Michel from Sept-Îles had also placed his future wife in the last position of his choice before meeting her in person!

A Slavic woman’s profile on a dating site is necessarily imperfect

Profile, photos and the text description, regardless of the efforts made, are always different from reality. Have you ever been surprised by the obvious difference between the profile of an Eastern European woman and her video that we publish on our site? The profile depends on the quality of the photographer and photos, colors, frame and the environment. And that is where your imagination starts playing tricks.

Our imagination is using a profile to create a perfect woman in a perfect world

The profile and photos provide an ideal support for our imagination and dishonest companies like AnastasiaDate have understood this fact for their own benefit. One man in search of a beautiful bride in eastern Europe who is alone at home after work, will exercise his imagination. The pictures make us tick and dream, the Russian princess of our dreams, lace dresses, her angelic smile, her gentleness, her tenderness. It is there before our eyes in photo and we invent a world of delight and dream for us to forget all the weight of everyday life. Automatic letters from Anastasia are made in return to provide some fuel to our imagination...

But on the other side, on the side of Slavic women in Russia and Ukraine, what is happening in reality?

It's not a secret, life is difficult for single women in Ukraine. Salaries are miserable, grueling work conditions are responsible for a very difficult life. While you're sitting at your computer dreaming about your Russian princess, she in turn, works tirelessly in 1, 2, sometimes 3 different jobs. The imagination process is done only in one direction. Your Ukrainian girl on her side, just wrote a letter, she has no time for imagination.

And when your fruitful imagination finally meets the true reality ... It produces a huge disappointment.

The key to success lies in the Matchmaking process of the romance tour

Mark Davis and his business have understood this perfectly. The success is in the process and support, not in the selection of profiles. In short it's not because you will have at your disposal an infinite amount of choice of photos that you will find your happiness. Only your imagination will win, but not you. Your goal is to meet a Russian or Ukrainian woman that you will love and who will love you with a sincere and mutual love. In this mutual love, you will thrive and grow into a strong and lasting relationship.

Some of you asking for advice can feel that the key is in the accompaniment. Demonstration on the field. Our clients who listen to our advice achieve the best results with the ultimate happiness of a real relationship.

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