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Will she accept me? Will she accept me? Matchmaking CQMI

What if these beautiful Russian or Ukrainian brides don’t want me?

27 May 2016

Do you have any concerns to commit with Our Matchmaking services because you are not certain to have success with our stunning girls from Eastern Europe? You're not the only one, rest assured. Aside from rare exceptions with super confident men, the vast majority of our customers come to our marriage agency on tiptoe. "Olga interests me but will she be interested in me? ". This sounds familiar to us. Indeed, before starting the remote communication by letter or Skype with your Russian or Ukrainian lady, we have to ask her first if she agrees to communicate with you. Like all of our members who search to marry for love, you must be willing to accept rejection. However, and this is important to emphasize that we do not ask you to sign a contract with us until you get your answers from Slavic ladies.

Registration in our Matchmaking agency for setting up your personal profile.

The first step in our process of meeting a Russian girl is the creation of your own profile. You want to know if Olga, Natalia or Svetlana will accept correspondence with you, then please sign up! Take an appointment and come with a nice shirt, we will take great photos of you. We'll create a profile in English as Russian or Ukrainian women generally better understand the English language. We will also explain you how to choose your favorite Slavic adherent with a user code on our dating site.

This first step does not engage you to sign for a 1-year contract!

The waiting period ... will she accept?

Once you have made your choice we will contact each of your favorite Eastern European adherent. We call them and send them by e-mail your profile. Generally, there is always a little more than 50% of Slavic ladies who accept.

Choosing your meeting package to Ukraine and Russia

When you get the answers, you can then make an informed choice for your package, Poltava, Samara, Kiev or all of them. You choose the model that best suits your finance based on your answers.

Remote communication by letter or via Skype

Once you have chosen and signed contract, you can exchange a first letter via our dating site. This letter will be in French or English and we will do the translation in Russian for you. After 1 letter exchanged, you have the opportunity to receive the direct coordinates of your Ukrainian or Russian bride to initiate a personal and intimate discussion with her. This exchange should not lead to a loving relationship but friendly exchanges. This is a teaser before the trip to Ukraine or Russia.

Romance tour in Ukraine or Russia

Once you have established serious contacts with several Slavic women from Eastern Europe we will organize your trip and arrange your meetings in Ukraine in Kiev. You will receive a schedule of meetings, support for coaching and translation, as well as accommodation in the center of Kiev.

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