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11 reasons for success for Michel in Ukraine

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Back on Michel’s travel to Ukraine from 1st till 17th April 2016, and analysis of Michel’ success factors. The success is obvious and we tried to understand the reasons for success. 11 parameters caught our attention, which are presented in this rather long video in coaching for seduction. In the second part you will enjoy Olga’s advice, a beautiful woman from Poltava in Ukraine, which explains a classic mistake made by men who want to go too fast in love.

11 reasons for the success of Michel in Ukraine:

1. CQMI process was followed quickly.

After hesitating for six months, Michel has made a decision to move ahead and without any doubt, which allowed him to complete all the stages quickly with conviction and success.

2. Michel quickly tamed Skype

Without being particularly advanced in computing, Michel made the whole process with a tablet and a mobile device, without a computer. Michel made his Skype meetings soon after writing the letters. With a basic English, Michel was able to establish communication with our Ukrainian women and exchange before the trip in Ukraine.

3. Michel was calm, serious and attentive to instructions

Michel was able to keep calm and seriousness over the duration of the process in order to meet his future wife in Ukraine. When problems aroused, without any panic, Michel called CQMI for more information.

4. The belief that it will work

When we were waiting for the plane at Dorval Airport in Montreal, Michel told me he felt in his heart that it would work out for him. Michel felt before his trip that he would meet his wife in Ukraine.

5. No blockage with the Russian language

Michel did not lock on the tongue. He chose women speaking French, English and Russian. It turned out that his wife speaks neither English nor French. We keep saying that our members filtering by this criterion is a very bad idea. Today there are lots of voice translators who settle on mobile phones and that make their job very well. Furthermore, you are accompanied by a translator or myself, when you first meet Ukrainian ladies in Kiev.

6. Michel remained close to his family and friends during the trip.

Obviously you will receive criticism from others when you announce your project but stand firm and follow your intuition. If you feel that your wife is in Ukraine, go ahead! Michel has remained firm with his project, he has withstood the criticism and he also remained close to his children, his brother and his friends throughout his trip to Ukraine.

7. Michel chose Ukrainian women in region

Of the 8 meetings made by Michel in Kiev, he chose 4 adherents who came from outside of Kiev. Reminder, when the woman comes from a town far from Kiev, you must pay for her trip by train to Kiev. Prices are in the range of 10 to 50 Canadian dollars. Note that Svetlana spent 8 hours in a train to come and meet Michael in Kiev!

8. Clothing casual but classy

In his meetings in Kiev in Ukraine, Michel was well dressed while having remained true to himself. There was no excess, his clothes were tasteful and Michel remained comfortable. Beautiful shoes, a nice jacket and especially a nice shirt with long sleeves and ironed.

9. A lucky apartment in Kiev!

The blue apartment which is just below our partner in Kiev seems to bring luck to all our customers who are staying there during their travel to Ukraine. Practical and comfortable, you only have to climb some steps to arrive fresh and ready at our partner for your meeting with your Ukrainian bride.

10. very short period between the letters and the trip to Ukraine!

When women in Ukraine know exactly when you come to Kiev, you will see that their motivation will be much more tangible in your remote communications.

11. Finally Michel was generous with women in Ukraine!

If your intention is to openly show your beautiful single Slavic woman that you count every euro or every dollar we recommend not to travel and to treasure your money in your bank account instead. Indeed, how do you think a woman in Ukraine will trust you, leaves her family, quit his job and move to live thousands of kilometers from her home, if she feels that you are stingy or miserly. Impossible! Women are very careful with your relationship with money, much more than your physical appearance.

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