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Did you look at the Russian side of our dating website ?

14 May 2016

In recent last few weeks the Russian part of our site (https://cqmi.com.ua/ru) is undergoing profound changes which are made by our team of professionals in Ukraine in Dnepropetrovsk. In fact, we decided to trust a local agency specializing in communication and marketing to convince more and more young Ukrainian women joining the great Matchmaking services CQMI! For those of you able to understand the Russian language, you can read quality articles about the seriousness of our agency, able to convince a clientele composed of serious single women in Ukraine. Already we have seen an increase in quality inscriptions in Ukraine.

Many registrations ... but few are chosen

Unfortunately about 10 registrations that we receive, only 2 or 3 are serious in their desire to start a family. Each interview with Borislava lasts a minimum of 1 hour and includes a large number of verification (passport, divorce certificate, professional status, etc ..). Many women ask if they will be paid for the letters or meetings ... This gives you a pretty good idea of how our competitors are working. In CQMI no adherent is paid or for letters or for meetings. Hence many are disinterested.

Elena’s testimony in Russian after 1 month in Val d’Or

Remember that video in which Elena, a young Ukrainian woman from Kiev, explains her experience in Quebec in Val d'Or. This video in the positive sense will serve to convince several single Ukrainian women to experiment by enrolling in the CQMI dating agency.

Quality articles on how to behave as a Ukrainian woman registered in CQMI

Since the registration online until the first trip to Canada through the instructions for the first Skype meeting with a French or Canadian man, everything is explained in detail with clear steps. Nothing is left to chance. The Ukrainian side support is essential for the success of your romantic encounter project in Ukraine. Special emphasis is made regarding the cultural differences between the Slavic countries and Western countries.

Team description in our Matchmaking team in Ukraine

Borislava and her assistant supervise the Russian-speaking part of the site of our marriage agency in Ukraine.

Concrete information on Canada and Quebec

It is not always easy for these beautiful Slavic women who live on another continent to understand that our language in Quebec is French. For those of you who ask us if Slavic women know what they're getting into, you will see the description section of Quebec is quite detailed with the city of Montreal.

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