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Is Familiy life a priority for you ?

12 September 2016

This question seems to be THE question you should ask yourself before looking at our price list for the 2016-2017 season. If the answer is no, then we are definitely too expensive for you! Put your money in what is important to you! Money when used well allows us to give us the means to move forward in our lives. Some men think that family life is the most precious thing in the world, they want to see their children grow up, they want to feel a feminine presence who will accompany and support them for the rest of their lives. These have understood that love and family bring a balance but also a meaning to our lives. Have you ever imagined the positive consequences of living next to a beautiful Slavic woman who loves you and gives you all the sweetness and love you need, for free! It is said that children raised in love bloom, we also say that plants raised with love are more resplendent. I wonder what changes it might produce in YOUR life.

Love nourishes the body and mind

Do you know the proverb? Feed on love and fresh water. Do you know that experiments were conducted on chimpanzee’s babies who are deliberately starved and isolated from their mother during a practical experience and then brought before a terrible choice: eat or reunite with their mom? In most cases the baby monkeys prefer to find the love of their mother. Similarly, infants were raised without love and without human presence but fed normally. They are almost all dead ...

A dialogue of the deaf concerning prices of the dating agency

The other day I was talking with a man on the phone who told me that our prices were too high. After a few minutes I realized that we were having a dialogue of the deaf. Simply, it turned out that we were both right. In the world of values ​​of this man, the family and the love of a woman are just not one of his priorities. His priorities are elsewhere, in his car, his apartment or his computer. In modern society, some values ​​are replaced by others. While other men believe that our prices are reasonable and appropriate, as these people attach great importance to married life and family.

Is sex a priority?

The gender issue is a point often approached by men’s client of CQMI dating agency. How do Ukrainian women behave in the intimacy? Can we discuss sex issues openly? Sex is sometimes associated or disassociated from family life. The vast majority of men who call me have a fundamental concern to the sexual aspect of the relationship. And they are right! Nothing like a blossoming health and regular sex. And often I find that if family life is more or less a vague notion and diffuse, sexuality is a very real motivator. Which is also often hijacked by rogue dating sites.

What changes a Ukrainian woman can bring into your life?

But then if we speak concretely, what does it mean a family life?

How your money can become a positive investment for you when you decide to engage in the process of CQMI dating agency? What are the consequences of having with you a woman who loves you and respects you? what are the consequences of having a fulfilling sex life? what are the consequences for you to feel supported in your professional projects? What consequences to share the ups and downs of life together rather than alone? Have you thought about all these questions?

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