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A Russian wife is expensive to maintain!

02 September 2016

A popular belief is that women from Eastern Europe, due to their beauty, are hard with our credit card. A Russian bride, the more beautiful she is, the more expensive it will be and it will perforate our budget. The ordinary man mixes up beauty and money. If you add the possibility of a scam on dating Russian women site, it is not difficult to understand that the first fear of the single man in search for love, is fear for his purse and budget. This is also particularly surprising that the vast majority of men in North America have never actually really known Russian or Ukrainian women in their life. It is extremely easy to demonize the unknown. I propose in this article to look at the problem backwards and I would like to ask you a slightly provocative question. What if Russian or Ukrainian women are actually good for your budget, your savings and your finances? Hard to believe? Then read the following arguments:

 Lipstick or divorce?

In your opinion, what is more expensive in the life of a man, a lipstick or a divorce? If you ever had a divorce in Quebec or France, you probably know what I mean. If you read our last article, or if you are a fan of Yvon Dallaire lectures on the couple you already know that the current divorce rate in Quebec for married people since 2000 is around 70%. It is not surprising? Do you know who loves most divorce in our beautiful province? It is women in Quebec who enjoy divorce, since women ask for divorce in more than 3 out of 4 cases. The reason? Women get bored with their man, and even if it's better not to talk about it, the lure of easy money. A divorce in Quebec is very profitable if you are a woman.

According to US governmental statistics, marriages in the US between American men and Russian and Asian women give divorce rate of around 20%. In Switzerland where statistics (such as watches) are more accurate, the divorce rate between Swiss men and women from the former Soviet Union are around 15%. In Canada, the Russian and Ukrainian women who divorce are then repatriated to their home country...

So in the end who from Russian women or modern Western woman are the most expensive on your finances?

Is it more expensive to go to a restaurant or cooking at home?

Have you ever heard that US, French and Quebec women are the best cook in the world? No attention, I make jokes ... In Quebec, women have deserted kitchens a long time ago. There are restaurants for cooking. Yes, the restaurant can be hard on your budget when you eat every day. Plus, it's not very good for the health. Women from Eastern Europe have kept their traditions intact, and they love and know how to cook. Take a trip to Ukraine with us for noticing it!


Have the values ​​in the right place is to know the value of things

A client confessed to me one day that he did not know what to do to satisfy women in Quebec. They want me to have a fulfilling and rewarding work, make a lot of money and also be a man at home. They are full of paradox and I do not know what to do, he seemed to be discouraged.

Ukraine, Russia, and finally in the countries of the former Soviet Union I am sometimes struck by how men, women and children kept a certain moral, civic values, a team spirit. Our rich developed countries and the freedom of wind pushes toward selfishness, every person for himself, caprice and consumerism of society. In Ukraine I see that from a young age, children are taught to respect the essential things in life, such as family meals, healthy food, respect for tradition and elders, respect for values. Moreover, it is sometimes surprising to discuss with a woman dressed in the latest fashion with chic clothes that explains her conservative traditional values.

Beside a Slavic woman who respects him, a man becomes stronger and powerful

Have you ever imagined in your wildest dreams to live with a woman who is not trying to depress you or jealously compete with your professional success? A man who feels love and respect will go further in his career because he feels stronger. Family stability and the distribution of roles and tasks is a formula that has worked for thousands of years before being questioned by feminism. Professional wrestling in the family has shown its limits with the staggering divorce rate of our modern societies. The founder and owner of the largest pharmacy network in North America, Jean Coutu, had once confessed to CBC reporters that he attributed his professional success to family support and especially the support of his wife.



If you have read this article to the end you have a duty of responsibility towards the Russian women, who are soiled by our media. So stop believing the media world largely dominated by women in Quebec. Have a little courage and look at reality. Have you even just once in your life witnessed a Ukrainian woman who put her husband in the Street after a divorce, preventing him from seeing his children, who emptied his pension fund, and who destroyed her ex-husband psychologically for years?

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