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Differences in Mentality between a Russian Woman and an Ukrainian Woman

Interview in English

Elena is a beautiful Russian woman of German mother and Russian father, a mixture that can be explosive. This video perfectly illustrates the characteristic differences between Russian women who are more direct and ambitious than Ukrainian women who are more discreet and less direct. You will understand without any difficulty the differences of behavior between Elena and the other adherents of our site like Tatiana who fled the war to the east of Ukraine. The region of Donetsk in the East is a region in which Ukrainians and Russians live together.

Profile of Elena 39-year-old a beautiful Russian German girl

At 39 years, old this beautiful Russian woman without children seeks her soul mate. That's why Elena enrolled in our marriage agency. Her history is quite particular. From a Russian father, from a German mother, she left the Moscow region to come to Ukraine at the age of 5 years. She found herself in Donetsk, the region that is at war, remember the superb video of Tatiana.

Difference in self-confidence and assertiveness between Russian and other Slavic girls

The Russian woman with German origins like Elena, is very asserted, quite explosive. When she talks about her future potential husband, she does not go dead hand. One feels that her discourse does not suffer the possible contestation. It would be interesting to discuss about possible compromise with this charming lady.

If you compare with the speech of Tatiana who comes from Donetsk, you remember her sweetness and her kindness. Tatiana who fled the war in eastern Ukraine.

In the eastern region of Ukraine, you will find a population that is composed for a large half of Russian from Russia. They are Russian and work in Ukraine. This is the case of the deceased father of Elena who went to work in Donetsk. In this region, you will find Russian women and Ukrainian women living together.

Russian women are more impulsive than Ukrainian women

Russia is a strong, powerful country. It is a country that radiates over all the nations that surround it, even over China. The Russian inhabitants thus have a more arrogant attitude than the residents of neighboring countries. Lithuanian, Kazakh, Ukrainian women are more erased. One could say, more discreet.

Europe is closer than Canada to Elena

In her interview, Elena also emphasizes a theme we have already discussed. For a Ukrainian woman, it is a more serious step to go to Canada than to live in France or Europe.

Canada and Russia are two countries that are similar

Surprisingly and it is possible that some of you are shocked, Elena finally explains that Canada and Russia are two countries with similarities, such as climate, immense nature and mentality. It is also like Russia a country in which there is a mixture of cultures and nationalities.