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Did you understand why you want a Russian wife in your life?

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It is such an important question that we discovered by chance in Vita’s profile, a Ukrainian woman of Kiev. Vita asked a crucial question for the success of your romantic project in Ukraine. Ask yourself the question without expecting an immediate response and observe the changes that will occur in your life. This issue is directly connected with the theme in this video: should you privilege the quantity or quality of the meetings? A man who has understood why he wants to have a Russian wife in his life will undoubtedly favor quality over quantity. Anastasiya, this beautiful 24 years old girl speaks about her passion for complex artistic creations of pastries. Her gentleness, her class, her candor and simplicity make us forget the vulgarity of profiles you can find on competitors dating sites.

Anastasiya, a girl who disturbs our prejudices about Russian women

This beautiful interview in the park located on a hill downtown Kiev, will not leave you unmoved. While of great physical beauty, Anastasia is damaging the sulfurous image of provocative Russian women on Russian dating sites. Anastasia bakes cakes in her spare time. She does not visit nightclubs but wisely stays at home and make culinary activities.

Should priority be given to the quantity or quality in your search for a Russian or Ukrainian Bride?

Some customers who have probably suffered from a lack of female attention start the process with a huge amount of applications and contacts. Ukrainian women are not stupid; they intuitively feel a man who wants to collect women and meetings. A man who chooses many profiles in a frantic manner does not really know what he wants. It is for fishing or hunting, it depends ... To make your romantic quest for love successful you must already have some idea of ​​the kind of person you are looking for.

Why do you want a a Russian girl in your life?

Vita in her profile asks you a VERY important question. She writes :

I want a man who already understood why he wants a woman in his life.

This question shows great wisdom and probably a number of disappointments. A man who does not know what he wants, is paying more attention to the beauty without trying to go further. In general relationships are short, unnecessarily painful and we are constantly returning to square one.


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