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More men than women for the first time in Canada

02 June 2016

For the first time in the history of the country, it seems that the number of men is on track to exceed the number of women in Canada. In contrast to countries at war or Slavic countries where male mortality is very high, rich countries show a significant growth of the male population compared to that of the female population. In Ukraine and Russia, over the age of 45, the female population is twice more important. Alcohol and poor living conditions are the main causes of these amazing statistics. In this international context the mission of the CQMI dating agency seems to find its role and purpose. The figures speak for themselves. If you are a single man in Canada, you will face more competition to meet the woman of your life. Canada is also a country open to immigration and it is men who immigrated more than women. In short, a real headache for a single man who search for love in Canada.

Initially nature gives birth to more boys than girls

Except in certain countries that practice selective abortion of children of female gender, such as China, the average birth ratio is 110 boys for 100 girls. Nature is well made to counteract the higher mortality of male children. Indeed, when one reaches the age of 20, there should be an equal number of men and women.

The shortage of men in Slavic countries like Russia or Ukraine

According to the very serious Wikipedia, Russia like Ukraine are countries where life expectancy for men is on average 10 years less than the life expectancy of men in rich countries of the European Union. The reasons are found in alcohol (practically free), cardiovascular diseases, smoking, economic problems. From the age of 40, the male population is completely overtaken by the Slavic women. For a Slavic woman 40 and over, the mission to find a single man in Ukraine or Russia is a lost cause.

Canada is a wealthy country in which men live long and stay in shape

Unlike Russia or Ukraine, as well as all countries at war, the extraordinary conditions of life in Canada and the wealth of the country, allow men to live healthy and longer. Canada is a peaceful country without wars, with a relatively high-performing health system. In Canada, men play sports, are not large consumers of alcohol or cigarettes (considering that Canadian government highly taxes these toxic products).

In the end we reached impressive figures of 79 years of life expectancy for a man in Canada according to Statistics Canada. Nearly 15 years longer than in Russia!

Immigration is accelerating the process in Canada

According to statistics, more men immigrate than women by nature. Thus, Canada is one of the few countries still open to immigration, also sees its male population increase compared to the female population. The phenomenon is accelerating; the male population is overtaking those of women in Canada. In any case, for those over 15, this is already the case according to Statistics Canada.

What consequences for a single man in Canada looking for love?

Whatever the online dating site that you choose, if you are over 40 years and want to find your partner near you in Canada, you should expect a rough and tough competition. Feminism has made women independent and arrogant when it comes to choosing a partner for life. Indeed, it is the women who choose in Canada! They all have plenty of choice. Single men are becoming more numerous, in better health, they make efforts to seduce. In short, Canada is a paradise for women! In Ukraine and Russia, women take seduction lessons. In France and Canada it is the opposite.

Some men have realized that love was to be found elsewhere ...


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