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The most beautiful women in the world are no longer in Samara but in Poltava in Ukraine, some 3 hour bus or train ride east of Kiev. In this video you will learn all about our new partner specializing in international meetings between beautiful Ukrainian women and foreign men. The video program interviewed the lovely Irina, 39, who talks about the maternal instinct of women in Ukraine, as well as several direct questions to the two directors of the marriage bureau of Poltava.

Back on the journey of Michel to Kiev and Nikolaev in Ukraine

The video will be available next week. 32 videos, coaching meetings, new operating rules with our partner in Kiev and certainly the main novelty, setting up a partnership with Poltava in Ukraine.

Prejudice on Slavic women, Russian or Ukrainian in connection with prostitution

You will certainly be surprised with figures to support that prostitution is most prevalent in modern Western countries than in the Slavic countries. Indeed, there are more prostitutes per capita in North America than in Ukraine or Russia. Before treating a Slavic woman prostitute, so try not to transfer your own culture to the Slavic culture. A beautiful woman is not automatically a prostitute.

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Our new partner in Poltava in Ukraine

The history of our Poltava partner is not ordinary. After spending several years in the dishonest steamroller of Anastasia dating, adherent revolted requested more men's visits to Ukraine to meet with them. Poltava today is distinguished by great seriousness, women of great beauty and great intelligence. You already see in our database the emergence of new profiles of women more or less young, sincere, single and available to meet with you.
The two directors of the partner agency in Poltava demonstrate their seriousness and experience in terms of meetings. They also speak of the Ukrainian mentality that wants women to marry young and weariness of men when they reach several years together. Alcohol is also a serious problem that affects men in Ukraine. In conclusion Eugenia tells us this beautiful love story between a Danish man and a young woman from Poltava named Oksana.

Interview with Irina, 39, administrator in a gym

Irina makes us reflect on the situation of men over 50 who are looking for a woman with family values ​​but has no children. Irina explains that a woman in Ukraine who reached the age of 39 years but has never had children, probably has health problems! The social pressure is such that very rare in Ukraine are women who have no children past the age of 25 or 28 years. Irina dreams of meeting a good and honest man who does not consume alcohol abusively. She would also like to travel with her family, her husband and her children.


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