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Do I have to marry my Russian bride ?

Interview in English avec sous-titres français

Do I have to marry this beautiful young Russian or Ukrainian bride to be able to sponsor and possibly live with her? This is a question I often heard. Even if the answer is no, I offer you some food for thought about the concept of marriage in this video. Remember that you need to prove several years of living together. How can you possibly demonstrate several years of common living if your spouse has a tourist status in Canada? Also remember that marriage is a very respected institution in the Slavic countries, Ukraine and Russia. You may deeply hurt your single Russian bride explaining your opposition to marriage, regardless of your good reasons.

Interview with Vitalina, a beautiful woman of 38 years of the partner agency of Poltava.

Vitalina is an English teacher, she likes to travel. She talks about her lifestyle in Poltava and children. For her, the astrological signs are very important for the choice of her future husband.

Travel in Ukraine from July 22 to August 7.

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Should I necessarily be married to sponsor a Russian or Ukrainian woman?

This is a recurring question from our customers in Quebec who are most resolutely hostile to marriage and we can understand why! The marriage issue is a thorny issue. While it is theoretically possible to sponsor a Russian bride without being officially married according to Immigration Canada, in reality you'll hit you a logistical nightmare. Indeed, how can you justify several years of living together without being married to a person residing on Canadian soil on a tourist visa. Should that Russian or Ukrainian woman stay at home without work and without papers, without being able to drive a vehicle without medical insurance for several years. Or it would have to be the man who makes the big jump to Ukraine or Russia.

The other problem lies in the mentality of the Slavic women both in Ukraine and in Russia. Marriage is an institution in the Slavic countries. It consecrates the social status of the slave woman who then becomes responsible for his nuclear family and children. Explaining to your Slavic partner that you do not intend to get married, even if you have the best reasons in the world, it is almost certain that your beautiful Russian bride will not stay very long with you. It must be understood that the cohabitation of man and woman without marital blessing is a phenomenon that is very badly perceived in Russia and Ukraine.

More men than women on the market for singles in rich countries and Canada

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Most recently, it appears that according to official statistics in Canada, the number of men tend to outnumber women. Contrary to Slavic countries like Russia or Ukraine, the life expectancy of men tends to increase dramatically. Also in migratory movements, men are more involved than women. Have you ever try to register with a dating site in Quebec? You will find there a lot more men than women.