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Almaty is a city of contrasts located in the center of Eurasia. In this city, you will find the most beautiful women of Kazakhstan or Kazakhstani.  The Russian language is spoken there but the main language is Kazakh. We eat delicious traditional dishes based on horses, mutton and rice. People from Kazakhstan are of a totally different culture from the West, because we are already in the Orient. We met our partner specialized in international dating meetings based in Almaty where you can meet Asian girls.

The young director of the international dating agency tells us about the mentality of Kazakh Muslim women and the teaching of the Kazakh women of their agency. Believe it or not, but he also teaches them sex education classes. Indeed, it is not uncommon for Muslim men to demand that their wives present themselves to marriage by being virgin, and therefore women must learn how to approach the question of sex, something they do not know.

In the Muslim tradition, the age differences between men and women are sometimes very important.

Very young 18-year-old women can marry men over forty and often do not ask the opinion of the women protagonists. This may seem surprising, but it is important to respect the traditions and customs of the partner countries.

We also talk about statistics and a surprising male deficit in Kazakhstan. Women are unable to find a single man available so women compete with ingenuity to meet the man of their lives. The director talks about a statistic of 9 women for a man in dating agencies. Unfortunately, we find reverse statistics in our dating agencies in our western countries.

What about Kazakh Muslim women, they are beautiful, educated, attentive to family values, ready to do anything to seduce a man and make him happy.

Foreign men from all countries come to Kazakhstan to meet a beautiful Kazakhstani women and get married.

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