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Strong Muslim Woman from Kazakhstan: interview with Karligash

Interview in English

Karligash is a Muslim Kazakhstani women, she comes from Almaty in Kazakhstan. She is strong and feminine at the same time. Karligash seeks a gentle, caring and motivated man. Attention, when Karligash wants to get something she gets it. She is looking for a partner who is active like her.

Karlygash, women of Kazakhstan, is ready to assume her role as a woman close to a man.

A woman, whether she is in the West or in the countries of the former USSR, of Slavic countries must assume her responsibilities as a woman and these responsibilities are different from those of men. This beautiful woman is looking for a man with a masculine energy. He must be passionate because Kazakh wants to feel passion as well.

The man must take charge of the financial and security aspects of the family.

The woman takes care of the family and the atmosphere of family comfort. The family must be important to the man of his dreams. Karligash has reached a stage in his life where it is important to build a family. She would like to have 3 children and marry a man, a real man.

Kazakhstan is a multicultural country with diverse cultures from all countries. Because of this, people are very open to cultural diversity and this is also the case of this woman who seeks an open-minded man, able to understand her culture and many more.

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