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Evgeniya is blonde Russian bride living in Almaty - Kazakhstan (EN subtitles)

Interview in Russian with English subtitles

Kazakhstan is known for its beautiful women. Evgeniya is a tender and feminine artist, particularly sensitive as all artists are said to be. This young Almaty's bride wants to create a family with a western man who can share her traditional Russian values. She loves children, the sound of her soft voice soothes us, she is beautiful even in her voice.

Talent is not like learning to ride a bike, she explains.

You can lose your talent at any time. What God has given us can claim it. We must share our talent with the people around us.

In Kazakhstan, the inhabitants are distinguished by their hospitality.

They are always ready to welcome the different nationalities. Kazakhstan is a country that mixes many nationalities. Even if Evgeniya is Russian, she feels Kazak.

This Russian woman is looking for a good man who has talent, careful. The family is the attention towards each other. Evgeniya tells us a touching proverb: "Love is not looking in the eye is looking in the same direction."

The man and the woman must listen to each other.

Evgeniya has long reflected on what kind of man she would like to meet and finally the physical parameters are not important to her. For her, her man must have talent.

This beautiful Russian woman explains to us that often we are afraid to leave our zone of comfort whereas it is enough to take a step forward to discover new horizons. Would you like to meet Evgenia and take this step forward?

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