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Single Muslim Russian Women from Kazakhstan: Values and beliefs (EN subtitles)

Interview in English

Did you know that the most beautiful Muslim women come from the mysterious Orient? In our new video the Kazakhstan women are very similar to Asian girls. Are you familia with their Muslim values. It is little known in Quebec and Canada that the beautiful women are often Muslims. Watch this video taken at Almaty to convince you of the beauty of women of Kazakhstan or Kazakhstani girls. the Muslim tradition is quite different from the values in our western countries.

Muslim women in Kazakhstan are discreet

Indeed, we met several young women of a mysterious beauty that it was sometimes difficult to discover in the open day because these women are discreet and introverted unlike the women of greater Russia. The Slavic women of Kazakhstan are difficult to approach because they are shy and very unaccustomed to the Western cut which sometimes makes them close. Indeed, in the values ​​of Muslim women it is important to keep a certain distance with strangers and not to open too much, women listen attentively and observe a great respect for men who enjoy an astonishing aura for a man Which comes from Western countries. Indeed, these Muslim women will tell you openly, man must make decisions, he is the head of the family. Amazing when you come from a country inhabited by feminism. We were also amazed at the fact that these women respect their men from Kazakhstan unlike Ukraine or Russia. Simply they say, we do not have enough single men available.

Pay attention to the issue of marriage and the tradition associated with marriage.

Weddings sometimes have more than 500 people. Members of all nearby families travel to attend the wedding. It also teaches that Muslim women have a boiling character, they have warm blood, with the dance of the countries of Eastern Europe.

Inevitably marriage is a vital point in the education of these Slavic women. It is not unusual for Russian Muslim women to be virgins for their marriage.

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