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Mature Asian woman looking for a man abroad

Interview in english

Elena is a beautiful Asian woman of 49 years old who seeks a serious man abroad. The economic situation in her country as well as Ukrainian culture, no longer meet her expectations. Elena has a mother who is half Japanese and Chinese origin while her father is half Russian and French. For her, learning French is a childhood dream because it is the language of love! Elena is an Oriental woman who lives in Ukraine, practice sports, jogging and yoga. Yoga helps to keep the physical form as well as the rest of the soul and the spirit. One senses very clearly its Oriental influences when she speaks of her favorite sport. Her 21-year-old son is an adult, independent, and she has taken good care of her education. What struck me most about this Asian Ukrainian woman was her realism and pragmatism. She speaks quite directly.

Profile of this beautiful Asian lady in Ukraine

An Oriental lady who practice sports regularly

At 48 years, Elena practice sports twice a week all year except in the winter. This is important for her beautiful legs and body as much as her mind and soul.

Free of commitments towards her son, ready to go abroad

Elena has a 21-year-old son who lives in Poltava and is totally independent. After spending many years for his education, she feels free of any commitment. It is time for her to meet her soul mate abroad.

Immigrating to a foreign country does not frighten her

If I meet a man I love and who loves me and respects me and supports me, then the process of immigration will not be so complex.

French language is the language of love

Learning this beautiful language is a dream for this Japanese woman teacher of foreign languages ​​in Poltava. Elena teaches English language for young children and for adults.

There are cultural differences between Ukrainian men and foreign men

For Elena, it's obvious. Indeed, culture, soil, education and economic situations are different. Thus, the mentalities are different.

In conclusion, it is not difficult for her to meet a Ukrainian man in Poltava. What is difficult is to meet a good man who lives abroad for this mature Oriental woman.

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