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Is your salary a success factor to seduce a Ukrainian girl ?

Interview in Russian with french subtitles

This video will surprise more than one of you with nice anecdotes on the menu. We have noticed that our clients tend to associate money with a Slavic woman, Russian or Ukrainian. Yet the numbers do not lie, statistics are relentless. If you are rich and successful professionally, then you will have more difficulties to seduce. The lack of seriousness, lack of time and energy to devote to the romantic trip in Ukraine is an obvious failure factor. The beautiful Irina in Poltava in Ukraine also explains that no matter where you are on earth, as long as you are with your loving one, life is comfortable.

1. Travel Dates in Ukraine this summer:

Departure from Montreal on 22 July. We will establish a group for meetings this summer in Kyiv and Poltava. You can plan your travel between July 23th and August 10th depending on your availability.


2. Discussion around the subject of money and women in Ukraine

Is the salary a selection criterion for women in Ukraine? Some of you still think that Russian or Ukrainian women attach great importance to the salary of the men they meet.

In reality, given the results, men customers with the best financial situations are those who have the most difficulty in finding a wife in Ukraine. We described in a previous articles some failure factors, such as lack of monitoring, lack of time, lack of respect.

Listen to stories about our customer from Quebec region and who this client behaved with a total lack of good manners in 2015 during his trip to Ukraine with Antoine.

A woman who is about to leave her country, her work, her family, her apartment, in your opinion, what is for her the most important factor? Above all, this single woman will want to ensure that she met a man reliable, kind and responsible, on which she can rely on in difficult times. Money can in no case constitute a single factor of choice, even if it is certain that the money can help once the serious relationship is established.

A rich man will tend to reason with prejudice related to money. His professional success is an obstacle, not an advantage. This man mistakenly thinks that a young woman in Ukraine is living in poverty, waiting for her western savior. This vision makes no sense and it is proved by our statistics that men who reason this way fail in their quest for love in Russia or Ukraine.

Irina's profile in Poltava