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Meeting with Victoria: a young Russian Princess

Interview in English and French

Viktoria is a pretty young girl from Ukraine (23 years old) who wants to marry an active man like her. Victoria has high expectations and she probably comes from a wealthy family. Victoria is a Russian girl who must make us think about our choices when we want to marry a woman in general, whether Russian or Canadian.

Indeed, Viktorya explained to us during her interview that she enjoys spending the new year in a new country every year. Who can really afford such luxury? Also, Viktoria told us about her work and her professional career, her expectations regarding her husband. By the way, do you know if it is obligatory to marry a Russian woman?

She is looking for a strong man who will no doubt know how to take the lead on her. This is one of the techniques of seduction that Slavic women appreciate when a man shows himself with his manly qualities.

In the end this beautiful girl bubbling with life gave us the desire to better know her. She is so dynamic and passionate, playful and beautiful as a heart. Is this a woman for you? Would you like to marry her?

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