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6 reasons of failure for financially at ease customers

05 May 2016

In analyzing the results, we were surprised to notice that customers with large incomes have worse results in terms of remote communication as well as meetings on site in Ukraine with Russian or Ukrainian women. Paradoxically, Men who are financially comfortable with big jobs have huge difficulties to establish serious contacts with single women in Ukraine. These results are going opposite way from the usual thinking that these Ukrainian women are looking for a wealthy man.  We have tried to understand the main 6 reasons of this amazing phenomenon:

1. Lack of time allocated to the project of finding a wife

The more a man is busy professionally and it is immersed in his work and the less he will have the ability to focus on the search of his future partner. When a Slavic woman in Russia or Ukraine detects the lack of time or priority accorded to her, She simply takes her distance. For them, time and care you give them is more important than money!

2. The tendency to delegate tasks

A man with many responsibilities wishes to delegate some of his duties and his work, it's normal. However, even if it is our role in our Matchmaking marriage agency to help you meet your wife, it's a process that ultimately becomes yours. When a slavic woman in Ukraine learns that all the attention you give them is not the result of your own actions, she distanced herself!

3. Lack of follow-up in the relationship

A businessman who travels constantly and do not bother to apologize or explain long periods of silence, gives an impression of disrespect. Generally the communication should ends up pretty fast !

4. You do not buy a Russian woman !

Remember our video that has been so successful. Men who have large financial resources often take the Ukrainian or Russian women for paupers cage languishing in their country awaiting providential savior. Think again! Slavic women are proud and want to keep their honor. Any patronizing or contemptuous attitude you will receive beautiful disillusionment!

5. Refuse coaching or advice

The more a man is rich and used to manage employees and its business, the more confident he is. Very rare or even nonexistent are  rich successful men  who are watching our coaching videos in which they could find dozens of useful tips to succeed their relationship with their wife in Ukraine.

6. Rich men have more prejudices against Slavic women

Convinced to live in an ideal world and an ideal society these men often watch Ukraine or Russia with great condescension.

In short, against all odds, our services have much more success with modest men customers, simple, focused and motivated in their serious project to find a wife in Ukraine to start a family!

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