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Even though there is a huge number of beautiful single Russian ladies available in Russia or Ukraine, it does not mean that any of these women is ready to leave at any cost just because you visited her for one week in Ukraine. Here is a list of 4 most critical mistakes made by men of our Matchmaking services.

Matchmaking services in Samara in Russia

Samara is the capital of the most beautiful single ladies in Russia for a well-known reason: The great Empress Catherine II used to send away beautiful women in exclusion in Samara to avoid competing with them for men in Saint-Petersburg. Why not discussing more about Samara? Political conflict between Canada and Russia has made it worse for Canadian citizen to travel to Russia and for us to invite women from Russia in Canada. However, we want to remind you that our partner in Samara is effective and serious. Women in Samara are really beautiful.

See the video of most beautiful Russian women in Samara

Feminism and Politics

We come back on the incidents related with the arrest of Vice-First Minister of Quebec Nathalie Normandeau last week. Is it really a demonstrated fact that a world ruled by women will have less corruption and criminal activities?

Success rates and marriage

Success rates for our Matchmaking services are smaller than our partner in Kiev in Ukraine. Two reasons:

  •          Germany is closer to Ukraine for a German man which allows him to travel many times
  •          Mentality of men in North America is much more different than mentality in Europe, for Ukrainian ladies

4 classical mistakes made by our clients:

       Belief that a Russian bride wants your money- wrong belief

If you decide to start the process of searching a Russian or Ukrainian woman with the wrong belief that she is only interested in your money or immigration, then you create your own failure from day 1. The more you think about it, the more chances you will end up creating this reality yourself. This is sabotage.

Please have a look to the video of Viktoria who met a man from London and this man destroyed their relation with a wrong belief.

       You cannot buy a Russian woman 

The classical mistake of a man who thinks he can choose his future wife like in a catalog. This is a repeated mistake which occurs frequently. The man does not think about the woman and what she thinks and that she can have a word to say in the decision. We don’t live anymore in a world of arranged marriages. The relation must respect some rules, step by step. You have some serious efforts to make to win her heart.

       Men with long list of criteria

A Russian woman explained to us that each time we add another criterion to select our future wife we close a door to our happiness. How can we know in advance who will be our future wife? Rejecting children or color of her hair or anything else is contributing to reducing our chances of success in this romantic quest.

       Choose a top model 

A well-known French poet Léo Ferré once made a song where he said that women, like boats make a lot of noise but once you decide to sail, you’d better know how to sail a boat. When you decide to choose a very pretty and beautiful young Russian bride, you’d better know how to sail first. Maybe it would be wiser to choose a woman a bit more like us. 

To listen Leo Ferré's song Les Étranger


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