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Quiet week in Ukraine with public holidays in May

30 April 2016

If you wait for news from your beautiful Ukrainian woman so be patient because we will enter the period of Paschal celebrations in Ukraine. Staring May 1st with Orthodox Easter Sunday, then Orthodox Easter Monday May 2nd, then Labor Day Tuesday, May 3st Then you have to reckon with the Victory Day of Monday, May 9th, 2016 which is also a day of holiday.

During the first week of May in Ukraine the majority of Ukrainian leave the city and go to rest with their family away from work and the major urban centers, and thus away from the internet. If you take into consideration that the internet is far from being available in all regions in Ukraine, do not be too surprised not to receive news of your relevant during this spring period.

For those of you who are on the phone with a lady in Ukraine, you will definitely notice that the ability to communicate in writing or by Skype depends on several criteria:

1. The workload of your correspondent (some women working two or three jobs to provide for their families)

2. Does A smartphone with internet or a personal computer with internet?

3. His motivation to write that strongly depends on your seriousness and intention to move to meet her in Ukraine.

4. Holiday period away from the city in family, or you have understood by watching our video how the family is central to the Slavic women in general.

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