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Russian women are feminine Russian women are feminine

The Main Differences between Western and Slavic women.

06 April 2015

What is the uniqueness of the Slavic women? What about them attracts men? What qualities do they have that attract so many foreign men? What makes them special, what do they possess that girls and women of the West do not have? What is it the mysterious of Russian soul? And why Feminism is not present in Slavic countries?

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A Russian woman will always remember that she is a woman, regardless of financial status, national origin, country of residence, age.

Unfortunately, Human nature is that human-beings tend to compare people with each other to see who is more suited to us as a partner. In order to avoid mistakes of the past, both men and women in western countries choose a person most of the time on Internet Dating website with criteria and a set of personal qualities and characteristics that would not in any degree suppressed them as a personality, would not destroy their inner world.

Love to people, faith in the good intentions to help others, frugality and thrift, ability of self-sacrifice for loved ones, sincerity, purity of mind and thought, unpretentiousness, incessant struggle for justice. These characteristics are rarely found in total with Western women. They are more aggressive, emancipated, and predictable than Russian or Slavic Eastern women.

Often, women from Europe and the U.S. prefer to be single, because they are accustomed to the daily struggle and compete with men trying to prove their superiority in all things, emphasizing the uselessness of the masculine gender.

Therefore, the Western Knights have chronically tired from such toxic relations; they need a family comfort, understanding, caring, kindness and love that a Slavic woman can provide with generosity, and not the eternal breaking of the nerves, everyday quarrels and constant fighting.

Nature created a man that wants to come back home after a long working day in which he will find understanding and peace in his sweet home with his beautiful Russian wife.

Differences with a pretty woman from Eastern Europe

Are the differences important between a pretty woman from the east and a Western woman? What are the similarities between the cultures of these countries?

You probably want to know more about the difference in mentality between a pretty woman from Russia and the one who lives in Western Europe. Even if these cultures are close enough, there are aspects that are not the same and it is important to tell you about them.

Let's start with the way of thinking of beautiful Russian and Ukrainian girls. Are the girls from Russia or Ukraine the same? After all, these are countries whose culture comes from the same root. In principle, there should not be so many differences. Still, there are still a few things to note.

The culture of Eastern countries

Russia is a huge country. Part of the country is on the European side, so the population is very similar to the countries of the Union (especially Ukraine). Physically and mentally, a beautiful woman from the east of this region is almost like a Ukrainian woman. On the other hand, where one begins to perceive important distinctions, it is when one goes to Siberia and Caucasus.

In these regions of Russia, there are differences in the physical and the mentality of people. Thus, in this same country, there are so many variations of cultures and physics. We could spend many decades talking about it. We are therefore limited to Ukraine and the European part of Russia. It's easier to dissect.

The physical appearance of a Slavic Woman

Let's start with the aspect that is obvious: the physical. An eastern woman whether she is Ukrainian or Russian has an appearance that is very pleasant to see. Although women in France are very beautiful, it must be said that there is a much higher percentage of very beautiful women in Ukraine or Russia.

It's a bit difficult to explain why this people has this divine gift. it could be due to the mixture of populations. Either Mongolians, Tatars, Turks, and Fin-Hungarians.

This diversity of genes has therefore created a type of physics that is difficult to find elsewhere. Even in Ukraine, in the most mountainous region of the West, people were rather isolated and did not really participate in this diversity. For example, when we compare Ukraine in general with Canada, there are fewer beautiful women in this country than in Ukraine.

femme de lituanie

The mentality of a russian bride

Ukrainian women have maintained the values ​​of traditional families that are lacking in Western countries, such as France. French women do not care as much for family values. In the West, women are much more emancipated and independent. We can easily compare Ukrainian women to Canadian or French women of the 60s. So, if that's what you're looking for, it's a very good choice for you.

The mentality of a Ukrainian could surprise you. For example, for a romantic outing, it is always the man who invites the woman, she will never pay her share. For the daily life of a couple, everyone has his tasks: the woman cooks and does the housework, the man takes care of manual work and DIY. As for the financial responsibility of the household, it is the man who must take care of it in full.

The family is sacred to an Eastern European Woman

The woman can work, but because she always puts the family first, chances are she will stop. It is to take care of children or she opts for a part-time job only. On the other hand, it is not bad for a Russian or Ukrainian woman to have a job. The majority have jobs, even if they do not really have a career it does not matter. Moreover, in Russia and Ukraine, it is still common today to find a difference in remuneration between men and women.

For other aspects of life in general, the mentality between the countries of western and eastern Europe are almost the same. You will not have as many differences as an Asian or African woman, for example.

QUIZ : Measure your chances of success with a Slavic woman


Why do Russian women look so much more beautiful?

Miniskirts, high heels and brand logos are much more common in former Eastern bloc countries than in this country. In Germany, on the other hand, Russian migrant women in particular can often be recognized by their outfits. If you ask them about the fashion differences, you have to be prepared for a lot.

How can these women always walk around in these high heels? That's what Ameican tourists wonder about, as they saunter through the snowy streets of Siberian cities in practical footwear - and are overtaken by local ladies in high heels. Even those who have been to Moscow, Riga or Budapest talk about the female inhabitants afterwards as if they were particularly bizarre sights. "It's unbelievable how feminine they dress," they say. And often there is a certain arrogance about so much supposed unemancipation. This kind of amazement comes back like a boomerang when you ask Russian women - in front of a Berlin Gucci boutique, for example - about the difference between over here and over there.

"American women are unkempt, very gray, somehow all the same," escapes a brunette in giant sunglasses who is looking for supplies for her logo bag. She prefers not to reveal her name, but tells us that she is 30 years old, has lived in Germany for six years - and is therefore wearing jeans and flat shoes right now, for example. "Since I've been living here, I'm often unkempt myself," she apologizes. But she doesn't want to appear too plumply sexy anyway: "These very young women in Moscow with their super-short skirts and high boots do look like they're selling themselves."

Beauty also comes from the outside

Here you can already see that not all Russians are the same, and not all Eastern Europeans are the same. Skirt lengths, in particular, are where opinions differ. But the Russian Gucci customer is probably typical of a different beauty consciousness among women from the former Eastern bloc countries. In Germany, beauty may come from within, but further east it is above all hard work. Well-informed shopping is by no means enough. Flawless fingernails, perfectly plucked eyebrows, rosy skin, great makeup and, of course, a perfect hairstyle are standard. There are beauty salons on every corner in many places in the East. A German linguist who taught at the university in Hungary for a while was also amazed by this: "At some point, you start going to the cosmetics salon yourself on a regular basis. And even more often to the hairdresser. It would be completely unthinkable to walk around there for a few weeks with a gray hairline that has grown out, as it is in America."

So much effort about appearance can be dismissed as superficial perfectionism. Or praise it as an act of self-love - like Russian beautician Inga Pyatigorsky, who will soon be opening a nail studio in Berlin. "The Russian woman constantly celebrates small holidays by making herself beautiful," she says. With this, she proves tradition. Even the Russian bourgeoisie in the 19th century placed special emphasis on festive dress. In the Soviet Union, one could still experience traces of this: If you wanted to be served in a better restaurant, you had to dress properly. Even for the cinema, people dressed festively. 

A new hairstyle every six months

Today, 43-year-old cosmetics expert Pyatigorsky celebrates her very own parties by changing hair color and sometimes hair length every six months, and getting a manicure every two weeks. Isn't that terribly exhausting? Attention, boomerang: "German women don't take enough time for themselves. They'd rather worry about how others park their cars. Or what strange children are doing at the supermarket checkout." The mother of four has another historical explanation for why beauty care is so important in the former Eastern bloc countries. "You couldn't make something up so easily with your clothes; it was your face and hands that counted," she explains.

In the Soviet Union, it was particularly difficult to organize decent clothes. While GDR citizens even found specially produced youth fashions in the stores and were supplied by relatives in the West, the Soviet woman hoarded Western clothing. It was possible to get hold of them with a lot of luck in normal clothing stores and to buy them completely overpriced in Valuta stores or on the black market. Otherwise, people in Russia sewed as much as they could themselves or had them tailored. It was precisely because of scarcity that fashion was and is so important. "Cars and houses were no longer status symbols, which is another reason why fur coats are so important," explains cultural historian Anna Tikhomirova, who compares women's fashion in the Soviet Union and the GDR in her dissertation. "Even today, in the former USSR, the more expensive the clothes, the higher the social status."

The joke on brand mania

Brand mania was particularly pronounced in the 1990s. There are even jokes about it. Two nouveau riche Russians are talking. One says, "Where did you get your tie?" Says the other, "Well, from the store on the corner, only cost $200." Says the other, "You're stupid, you can get them for $500 in that store over there!" The brand consciousness of rich men, derided in the joke, plays a role in real life today, and not just for their own wardrobe. "The men pay very close attention to what the women wear," Tikhomirova says. "And the women, in turn, are trying to please. It has nothing to do with romance. It's about finding the richest man possible." If you want, you can even take courses to learn how to land an oligarch. 

That's not so easy, as the statistics suggest. Many Russian men drink themselves into an early grave; on average, they live to be just 59 years old and thus live almost 13 years less than women. As a result, even female beauties make efforts to attract unattractive men. "On the street, you often see a well-groomed woman with a totally slutty man by her side," Tikhomirova tells us.

For the 29-year-old, the typical Russian sexy look propagated by numerous glamour newspapers is precisely not a celebration of fair femininity. On the contrary: "For me, it's an expression of failed emancipation. Women have to have a career, be totally sexy at the same time and, from a certain age, absolutely have to be married."


"American fashion is beautiful and comfortable"

Tikhomirova herself certainly doesn't stand out at her Bielefeld university with her sandals and dark glasses: "I think American fashion is beautiful and comfortable, because femininity is not so artificially, aggressively and demonstratively brought to the fore in American women, but comes across much more naturally and unobtrusively." She knows others who share her opinion. "There's a lot of discussion about such issues on Russian Internet forums, and you always read there how free German women are." Tikhomirova acknowledges, however, that many compatriots don't share her thesis that women make undue efforts for men. "I also know women who say they wear high heels because it just makes them feel better."

In fact, when faced with skyscraper-high heels, Russian staff in luxury boutiques are only too happy to tell you how impossibly comfortable the shoes are. "Really, even when you're working." The American woman can only remain discreetly silent and think: "At most, I can make it from the cab to the restaurant in these." And, "What does the orthopedist actually say about that?" The Russian beautician has a counter to this, of course: "Oh, the American woman just worries too much about health things sometimes."

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