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The Man’s Place in the Society: East-West differences Strong or Weak Men ?

The Man’s Place in the Society: East-West differences

03 February 2019

What is the man’s place in our modern society in 2019? Are there differences in the perception of one's role depending on whether one lives in Canada, France, Russia or Ukraine? How can we explain the differences in perception between East and West? In this video, I propose an in-depth analysis of our position as men in the society. Rather than looking at women, let us try to look at our own situation without compromise.

Although in the West the media try to sell you the opposite scheme, in reality the vast majority of people think and want the opposite of the schemes that are sold to us as those of the future. Many people are in distress in this changing society in Western countries. Victims of the changes that augur badly for the future, they are at the heart of the worst storms, stuck in dark swamps from which they are not about to emerge, even though they could emerge. Millions of them, in Switzerland, Belgium, France or Canada, have been crushed by divorces, they will have been ruined for many, pressed and thrown away in 2/3 of the cases of divorces. Others in cohabitation have seen their partners run away like Indians and in many cases, these women have also accused, defamed and slandered them by their families, their relatives, their friends, leaving their social ties destroyed, damaged, even devastating the entire family in some cases. This sad reality is also due to a lack of women in Western countries. Fewer in number, they have become aware over time of their rarity and of a power that they did not imagine: control, that of manipulation, of sexism hiding behind feminism.

Destroy man and make him an object of consumption for women.

It is in the West that the place of mankind has deteriorated very quickly, first in the Anglo-Saxon countries and North America, then soon in Europe. Media, state propaganda, European and American media have left their mark on people's minds by changing standards with regard to new generations. First with the revolution of the 1960s, came the gender revolution, which began in the 1980s and gave rise to the theory of gender, invented two decades earlier by Americans. More women, more men, more fathers, more mothers, more sexes and more children, these abuses go very far and are expressed in worrying figures on pedophilia in Western countries. According to UNICEF figures, all the cursors would be in the red with countries emerging as victims of a local clientele but also many from the West, this is what is called sex tourism.  This trend of child destruction, as seen here with incredible figures of more than 400,000 child prostitutes for example in India, to Canada aligning these 8,000 victims (4 times more than Romania, 8 times more than the Netherlands), must not hide also the destruction of women (as sexual objects), but also even more quickly from men and this is rarely highlighted. On the contrary, the man is attacked, sometimes by real propaganda, aggressive marketing, advertisements like that of Gillette, fortunately decrypted by Antoine Monnier at the beginning of his LIVE CQIM n° 40.

In this rhetoric of journalists, there is a toxic masculinity... men are toxic, bad, mean and violent, as opposed to women who would be free from all defects. In this disastrous bad story, man is thus nailed to the pillory, accused, stipulated and even trials of intentions are made against them. Worse still, it is the little boys who are also targeted, their sex is then subject to shame and aggressiveness, violence and malice, horrors including vexations, manipulation, rape, beatings and murder. It is then normal in these new standards to humiliate man and transform him into a mere object of consumption, or even mockery, it is a societal fact that we observe in Canada and France with the websites and Monclasseur. In the first one, it is a real supermarket for women, men are compared to "carrots", vegetables and have to lower themselves (as well as women) by giving completely incongruous information in the case of serious dating. This information concerns, for example, sexual practices, materialistic details and the idea is to propose a mass of men of choice to women who are masters of the whole process, in a position of strength and not equality (which is in principle advocated as the absolute objective). These men are initially classified into a mass of sexes to be taken, as dummies, losers, degenerates who can be ridiculed in the process, sometimes in the company of girlfriends. Launched in 2008, the logo is that of a woman loading a man into a shopping cart who is loaded "by force", like an object, a thing. A totally French concept, created by the French, the website has surfed on provocation in order to develop into a free advertising of thousands of articles in dozens of languages. It is about 10 million people registered, 9 countries conquered and you will be surprised or not, from France the website has settled in Canada, Italy, Germany, Poland, Turkey, then Brazil, Colombia, Argentina or Mexico... Registration is totally free for women... because men pay them to register and be humiliated. This model of innovative but aggressive strategy is officially hidden behind "humour", with "men gently playing the game". In ten years, the website has increased its revenue tenfold, as a mobile application (excluding games), generating the most revenue in 2013, the most profitable application of the year 2015.

A drift that is getting worse over time.

How did it come to this? This is a question that can easily be answered. Initiated over a long period of half a century, from Anglo-Saxon countries, this construction of a sexist society is part of a generalized strategy that is called under different name, Globalism. It aims above all to develop behaviors, submissions, addictions, and especially to sell, generate budgets, generate money a lot of money. However, relations between men and women are precisely at the heart of economies. When CQMI Matchmaker talks to you about marriage and happy life, about a woman with a man, these societies talk to you about satisfying desires, fantasies, buying, consuming, transforming, transgressing prohibitions. This is what has first made the porn industry so rich and has made it possible for billions of consumers to be offered free of charge today. It is expressed by successive revolutions, the exit of porn from discreet and reserved erotic movie theaters, for a provision to children, adolescents and adults, almost from the end of tender age, to the entrance of school, until the most advanced ages. It is no longer addressed only to men, but to women, to sexual minorities, sometimes terrible and forbidden, touching the child, animals and even degenerate scabrous rites, hurting others, eating their excrement, worship "non-noble" parts of the body etc. This situation is also worsening due to the dramatic increase in the loneliness of men (and women).

Never before have so many singles, men and women been alone. Regarding the 2016 statistics for Canada, it is an increase in the proportion of women and men living alone, what is striking is the largest number of women separated, divorced or widowed. The reality is there: women prefer solitude. Remember what Yvon Dallaire, a sexologist in Canada, said: 75% of divorces or separations are initiated by women. It is a little less in the English-speaking countries of Europe, but close to or higher than 2/3. Women are increasingly independent professionally and financially. They no longer want to be bothered by a life as a couple, sometimes even by children, or simply by the fathers of the children. The consequences are an increase in frustration, and paradoxically an explosion of possibilities to satisfy all inclinations, even the most horrible, prohibited, dangerous and cruel ones. These frustrations, this dissatisfaction lead these men and women to dating websites in all Western countries and around the world (emergence of Tinder). But there are fundamental differences between East and West. In the West, it is a total of two to three men for every woman present on these dating websites. In fact, apart from the humiliating website, the lack of women is so high that it gives a major advantage, an additional way to drive the control nail in the coffin. The dating industry, whether we are talking about dating websites, more generalist sites (such as Badoo), or social networks where thousands of theme-based dating groups are developing, now generates billions of dollars.  This situation is coupled with a release of people towards addictions, consumption, the piling up of ephemeral pleasures and pleasures that never satisfy the soul, heart or spirit. Of course, no one will tell you openly. Adopteunmec in France, Monclasseur in Canada are only a form of modern subjugation of man, to force him and submit him, but an important point should be noted: if this system has been exported to nine countries, as we've said, it has not yet reached Russia or Ukraine. However, one Slavic country has fallen, Poland, which is an experimental gateway to all the other countries of Central and Eastern Europe. In Russia, the website adopteunmec is simply inaccessible... So why don't men lose, or less control in Eastern Europe?

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The Russian man the captain on the boat.

With all its faults, those of men, those of human hope, the Russian man therefore remains at the helm of the ship, he is the head of the family, the husband, the lover, but in this construction, contrary to beliefs, the Slavic woman can promote and favor the leadership of her man, of whom she is proud. Man has his role as the leader of the family to play, he has a place that remains his own, there is no competition, no jealousy, no balance of power to take the other's place, to decide what to say, do or buy. The Slavic man, who is also rare compared to an impressive mass of women, remains a reference, a lighthouse, a shoulder and the latter cannot do without a woman's head that would cling to it. This model is the one defended by the CQMI agency, by the whole team of the agency, by its founder, Antoine Monnier, with his Ukrainian wife Borislava, but also by the couple Hervé, author and correspondent of the agency in Moscow with his Russian wife Aliona, the various speakers, such as Pierre or Hugo, respectively correspondents in France and Canada, the CQMI assistants, including Nadia, lead partner and coordinator can be one of the concrete representations of what the defended values are. Behind the CQMI assistants, you will hear the advice, the findings, the nature of these Slavic, Russian or Ukrainian women. But the Russian man is also in danger, also quite under attack via globalism but also his Achilles heel: addictions.

They are fewer in number, they have been decimated by two world wars, a major revolution and a civil war, secondary armed conflicts, famines and oppressive regimes, all between 1905 and today. With a low life expectancy, it stands at 71.59 years (2016), having risen to 72 years (2017), a record... but not significant compared to the figures of Western countries.  It is 78.69 years in the USA, 80.8 in Canada, 81 in Belgium, 82.27 in France, 83 in Switzerland, 83.98 in Japan... while the countries of the former USSR remain poor students, 70.9 in Kyrgyzstan, 71,3 in Uzbekistan, 71.4 in Ukraine, 71.6 in Moldova, 72.3 in Kazakhstan, 73.8 in Belarus, 74.3 in Lithuania, or the former Warsaw Pact, with 75 in Romania, 75.5 in Hungary, Poland reaching its 77.4. These inequalities are also coupled with significant differences between the life expectancy of women or men, or the healthy life expectancy. Throughout history, man has always been more fragile, with popular belief indicating that he would be more vulnerable to suffering, pain and disease, but the causes of his shorter life seem to lie elsewhere, more in his behavior. These addictions wreak havoc on the ranks of Slavic men, but the Russian or Ukrainian man, when he has managed to keep himself straight in his boots, has an enviable position compared to his Western counterpart, he has a Slavic … woman It can never be said enough that the resistance and achievements of these peoples have been greatly enhanced by the osmosis in the Slavic couple, in the possibility of the Slavic woman also to shine while remaining what she has always been... there was Peter le Grand… But also, Catherine la Grande!

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Sadly, then, in the West, these drifts are worrying for the survival of the civilizations of these countries in the long term, but the hallmark of Humanity is also the death of these countries, they are born, they shine, they last, they decline and finally they die, then they disappear, leaving more or less traces of their furtive passages in a world on the scale of an infinite universe. At the CQMI Agency, on the contrary, we propose that you do not stop there, that you try to live this incredible life in the company of a Slavic woman, those who have experienced this joy are in their clouds, live rich lives, because of the diversity of cultures, countries, the marriages of gastronomy, languages, souls and bodies! This is a magic that sometimes happens before our eyes, we have been among "a few elected representatives", we would like you to be among them too, because the figures show it, about 5 million women in Russia dream of the foreign man, probably no less than 2 to 3 million in Ukraine! So, what are you waiting for to join us, to follow the community, to watch us, via our YouTube channel, our CQMI podcasts, our articles, our website, our stories, our testimonies... and then decide to take the step... towards the great happiness that is a true love between a woman and a man?

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