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Russian women are feminine Russian women are feminine

The main differences between Western and Slavic women.

06 April 2015 By in CQMI Blog

What is the uniqueness of the Slavic women? What about them attracts men? What qualities do they have that attract so many foreign men? What makes them special, what do they possess that girls and women of the West do not have? What is it the mysterious of Russian soul? And why Feminism is not present in Slavic countries?

A Russian woman will always remember that she is a woman, regardless of financial status, national origin, country of residence, age.

Unfortunately, Human nature is that human-beings tend to compare people with each other to see who is more suited to us as a partner. In order to avoid mistakes of the past, both men and women in western countries choose a person most of the time on Internet Dating website with criteria and a set of personal qualities and characteristics that would not in any degree suppressed them as a personality, would not destroy their inner world.

Love to people, faith in the good intentions to help others, frugality and thrift, ability of self-sacrifice for loved ones, sincerity, purity of mind and thought, unpretentiousness, incessant struggle for justice. These characteristics are rarely found in total with Western women. They are more aggressive, emancipated, and predictable than Russian or Slavic Eastern women.

Often, women from Europe and the U.S. prefer to be single, because they are accustomed to the daily struggle and compete with men trying to prove their superiority in all things, emphasizing the uselessness of the masculine gender.

Therefore, the Western Knights have chronically tired from such toxic relations; they need a family comfort, understanding, caring, kindness and love that a Slavic woman can provide with generosity, and not the eternal breaking of the nerves, everyday quarrels and constant fighting.

Nature created a man that wants to come back home after a long working day in which he will find understanding and peace in his sweet home with his beautiful Russian wife.

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