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Aged 66 years old, Marcel from Brossard finds love in Ukraine with CQMI matchmaking agency

Interview in French

At 66-years-old, Marcel from Brossard decides to register in CQMI dating agency and travel to Ukraine to meet the woman of his dream. As the famous saying goes, there is no age to find love. She runs, she runs, the disease of love, from 7 to 77 years! You will see in this video 3 parts that complement each other perfectly. Marcel talks about his trip to Kiev and Ukrainian women, then his assistant Tania emphasizes the seriousness of the agency and finally Vera, exclusively talks about the steps for registration in the Centre Québécois des mariages internationaux. You will be surprised to learn that Eastern European women, are also afraid of scams!

At 66 years old, Canadian man Marcel finds love in Ukraine

Marcel, who lives in Brossard on the South Shore, made a difference not only with his age. His determination, generosity and openness, helped make his stay in Ukraine effective. Marcel chose to travel three weeks to better absorb the Slavic Ukrainian culture, which is a solid choice. Remember that the interest in the culture of your future spouse is an essential element for the success of your love project in Ukraine. Marcel define as Looser his friends who stayed in Quebec who were afraid to come to Ukraine. How many of my friends have lost all hope of finding a girlfriend in Quebec?

Why did Marcel made his decision to register in our dating agency and go to Ukraine?

- Celibacy has had its day, soberly replied Marcel who had a good life !

Can you find love after 50 years in a marriage agency? It seems so ...

Tania an effective assistant

Tatiana or Tanya was a key aspect in the success of Marcel. Anticipating needs, whether for flower purchases, restaurant reservations and taxis to escort the beautiful Ukrainian women safe at home!

As Svetlana, assistant to Gaston, Tania developed a complicity and a strong friendship with his client. Marcel, my client, no, that's my friend! she says.

Testimony of Vera, the chef's surprise!

Once is not custom, thank you to the lovely Vera, who offers testimony about the girl’s process for CQMI’s dating agency in Ukraine. Vera was afraid to enroll in the Ukrainian marriage agency CQMI, even after a friend had highly recommended her our services. Women in Ukraine, they also fear of scammers, as much as men!


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