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Gaston from Québec thinks that Kiev in Ukraine is safe

Interview in French

Gaston defines himself as Matane shrimp that lives in Quebec since 1975. Building contractor, Gaston is a big fan of hunting and has already toured the world from China to Africa. After his own family tried to dissuade him to travel to Ukraine, Gaston says he found a safe city in Ukraine, with the beautiful city of Kiev. Nothing people had predicted occurred. Gaston speaks about Ukrainian women with great warmth. In the street, he said, when I see a Ukrainian woman a little less beautiful, I turn. While in Quebec it's the opposite. People turn when you meet a beautiful woman. Gaston even plans to return to Kiev with his two son next year.In the second part, Svetlana, Gaston's assistant explains that a friendship can born from the work relation in Ukraine.

Svetlana, French assistant for Gaston, that we filmed in 2015 talks about her work as an assistant. The Franco-Russian assistant's mission is to protect her client and provide support during city trips in Kiev. Svetlana regrets not to see an organized tour of the city of Kiev the first day. However, it must be remembered that the first objective of the trip to Ukraine is to find love.

A real friendship between Gaston and Svetlana was born during the trip to Ukraine

Svetlana loves her job because it's an opportunity for her to develop a friendly relationship with her client from the CQMI dating agency. This friendship is the support for a successful collaboration in research of love for Gaston. Moreover, Svetlana explains that by the look, she was able to analyze the psychology of Ukrainian women that Gaston met.

Another point raised by Svetlana is that Ukrainian women feel more comfortable when they are in the presence a Ukrainian assistant during meetings. Some did not want Svetlana to go away! 


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