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Online Russian dating websites, are they really telling the truth?

Interview in English avec sous-titres français

We all have one day or another registered to an online dating website when we were single after a breakup or a divorce, and we all know what results we can expect from such enterprise, don’t we?  However, few of us have already tried the experience of Russian website online dating site. You can find many of these sites on the internet like Anastasiadate, Russian Cupid and many other. In this video I will explain you how these online Russian ladies actually don’t really exist for real…

In this weekly video we discuss about:

  1.        Feminism in Quebec and all the media storm around our women’s condition minister who said she was not a feminist. As surprising as it gets, the politician men appear to be more feminist.
  2.        Reminder about a previous video where we discussed about the matrimonial situation in Quebec, and Canada and how intercultural marriage appear to be stronger than marriages within the same ethnicity
  3.        Online dating website, are they really free of charge? Then why do you need to pay a monthly fee? In fact, these site are designed so that you stay connected forever and never get married.
  4.        How does the scamming Russian ladies’ online websites system work to make you believe that they wait for you in Odessa with the most beautiful Russian women who apparently wait for you in a bikini on the beach?
  5.        Finally see an exclusive interview with a beautiful sexy Ukrainian lady from Odessa who participates in the system. She tells us about her vision of the family, the man of her dream. Do you believe her? Make your own conclusions

Video in French but you can activate automatic English translation in You tube (down at the bottom right) 


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