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Ekaterina explains that work is at the heart of Slavic's women identity

Interview in Russian

Another great interview in Kiev in the heart of Victory Park with our gorgeous Ekaterina with beautiful cheekbones typical of Slavic woman. No one can deny that Ekaterina is a young feminine and sensual girl. To allow herself to be woman, a Slavic woman must rely alongside a strong man. No question of feminism! And who said that Slavic women want to stay home? My mother is 74 and she works every day in the hospital, I work and my daughter works. In short, the Slavic women are hard working women, work is at the heart of their identity.


A Slavic girl named Ekaterina or Kate?

Call Me Kate, Catherine or Katerina, all these names suit me because I like my name, she said! Ekaterina lives with her mother a 74 years’ old woman and her daughter of 21 years. Sha has a diploma as a Pedagogue training for children, but Kate is working in a bank at the present time for economical reason.

Why register in the international dating agency CQMI in Canada?

After watching the film Poor Liz, a Canadian who finds love in Russia, Ekaterina had a crush on the simplicity and kindness of the Canadian man who discovers Russia with a child's eyes. She would like to find this spirit of goodness in her future husband.

The age difference in the couple

An excessive age difference is never good as we discussed previously.

Ekaterina think that an age difference of 10 years is a good thing. Of course the man must be older. However, Ekaterina is not attached to the criteria when it comes to choosing her future husband. She believes in true real encounter in Kiev, Ukraine is the most important step because Ekaterina is a sensitive woman who trusts her instincts. She explains that when she will actually meet her future husband, she will feel it.

Ekaterina is a Slavic woman for whom the work is the foundation of her identity

Ekaterina has an unambiguous relationship with respect to feminism. She does not adhere! In the Slavic tradition, the woman must show respect for men, femininity and flexibility. Slavic women want to remain beautiful and feminine. It is a mistake to think that Slavic women are looking for a rich man to stay at home without working. The work is the foundation of their identity as Slavic women. My mother who is 74 years’ old is working every day in the hospital and cannot consider a day without work, she explains.

A strong man to allow the woman to be a woman

The couple makes us stronger, it is a certainty. The woman has the opportunity to stay a woman if she is alongside a strong man who will care of her.


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