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A Canadian man meets and marry a beautiful single Russian woman in Russia

31 October 2014

Today in Canada and USA, a lot of men wants to try the mail order bride industry in order to find a Russian bride in Russia or Ukraine. The matchmaking industry is a challenging process and you would better make sure you deal with the right wedding agency in order to find your single Russian lady abroad.

In the following movie, a Canadian man meets his beautiful Russian wife in a different way, without using services from mail order bride company.

This funny and friendly movie is about the touching story of a Canadian man leaving on a trip to the remote parts of Russia in the country. This Russian movie illustrates remarkably well the cultural differences people will encounter when they will meet people in Eastern Europe and especially single and beautiful Russian women.

For example:

  • The type of serious relationship with children and specifically concerning education. Russian women are stricter than women in western countries
  • The fishing part is really funny: the relationship with nature is different depending on the culture
  • Life in the village and mutual assistance are values that are still very important in the Eastern Europe countries (and the gossip that comes with it)
  • The way policemen work, and the relation with corruption

As for men/women relationships, I just love the part when the old man gives advice to the young Canadian in love. He needs to insist, to have courage and to persevere. The Russian woman intentionally puts obstacle in order to test his endurance and his love for her, she wants to see how serious he is in his intentions. I am very touched by the strength of character of Russian women and their deep and sincere desire to find love.

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