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Tania is opened to new cultures but...

Interview in english

If there is a character trait to define Tania, then it is good humor and positive energy! Tania is a real bomb of energy and she unfortunately had very little time to spend with us this summer when we met in Victory Park in Kiev. Tania is a psychologist at a hospital in Kiev and she lives in the suburbs. This is a young Ukrainian woman who has two university degrees and who has attained the age of 34 without having children. It is a woman who has managed her career successfully.


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Tania wants to create a serious relationship and a family only when she has met a stable and good man. For her, it is not important the country he is from. The man can be Canadian or Ukrainian. Tania simply has not had many opportunities in life to meet the man of her life. If Tatiana meets a man in Canada she will be happy but he can also be in Ukraine, it depends on the opportunities she explains.

Selection criteria with prejudice?

Of course, since Tania has a healthy lifestyle and practice Yoga and Gym and it would be important for her to meet a man who has no bad habits and who is leading a healthy lifestyle and has a sporty life. When I asked her whether the man's job is important she said yes with some honesty, education is an important criterion, but you never know what life holds for us, however I could as well fall in love with a man without education. My heart is open, she said.

Open to new cultures but ...

Tatiana loves to travel and discover new cultures through interesting people. But she never went to Canada. It is fascinating that different nationalities such as French, Chinese, Ukrainian live together in a large country peacefully. I took the opportunity to ask her if she would be open to meet a man of African American or Asian origin. With a black man it would be a problem for her and she said it would also be a problem with an Asian man as she said after a moment of thinking. Slavic cultures in general are still quite ignorant of ethnic diversity in the world due to barriers imposed by the former Soviet Union.

Tania would like to improve her English if she moves to Canada.


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